Perfect World International Offers Fast Track To Level 95

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

PWI Illusionary Crystal

Perfect World International's got a new expansion going live on Dec. 16, called Eclipse. It'll have two new classes and a new race, but -- as is the case with most MMO expansions -- the bulk of the new content will be available only to higher-level characters.

So what if you've been away for a while and want to have fun with your friends at the higher levels? Or if you're just new to the game and want to see the best of what it has to offer? Lucky you! From now until Jan. 16, just log into the game and you'll receive a free Illusionary Crystal, which will upgrade (almost) any character to level 95. It can't be used on the two new classes.

The page describing the Crystal says it's "valued at $60," so you can buy more on the cash shop on the 17th or later. That's if you really don't want to level multiple characters and have a lot of spare cash lying around.

UPDATE: We received clarification from Perfect World that the Crystal can be used after the 16th. The offer for a free one expires on that date.

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XxUnicornSkyxX 7 years ago
I have absolutely no problem with the paying part, as I get to make the choice if I want to pay or not, which I don't- I'd rather experience all of the levels. The only downside is that thanks to this pay-to-level-up idea, users have been leaving because nobody wants to experience the quests and things you'd have to do to level up, and, instead, pay in order to get certain things. I'm quite disappointed in this part of the game as well, but that doesn't necessarily permit you from doing the things you desire, just from doing it with other people.

VenahManzier 8 years ago
It doesn't matter what level you are...but rather how you stat and what gear you have. Without the gear and correct build, you will simply have to pay more in order to progress. This actually seems like more of a money trap to me...make noobs who want to hit a high level pay...then realize they cant do anything and buy more...etc etc

Anihilator 8 years ago
I used this system to take my alts to lvl 95 for 4 of them and 100 for 3 of them. My main two characters were already reawakened 2 times lvl 100+ anyway. I have full r9s3 gear on both of those 2 that range from +7-+12 and I wanted to play the other characters for fun not pk so this is a great way to be able to enjoy my alts without spending hours to grind the level to help with warsongs and such. although being able to buy it seems like crap because everyone will be 105 at least for the first level before they rerolled. nobody will reroll after that.

dmk 8 years ago
Nothing special, considering that the hard part is to level from 90 to 100 and to be competitive you need to level 1-100/101-105 3 times in a row (yes it has an ascenstion system). So besides the fact that you need gear you also need alot of time consuming stuff (limited daily quests) like: status enchantment quests-titles, skill books, cultivation, meridian, nuema system...anyhow getting to 95 is just a small step.

It is a buy option, but it's not a p2w item (not saying the game isn't p2w), and the current farming instances of the game are somehow protected from the "noob at 95 l2p" players, because it requires to relevel 1-100 at least once to access some parts parts of the game, and the good stuff is actually at the 2d 1-100 stage.

Conclusion: this is just a way for the new players to skip some stages of the game (some pretty boring stages at the current state of the game), but not a p2w stomp upon item (like some other p2w gear in pwi)

Slade 8 years ago
I don't know if i love this idea or hate it. i played PWI on harshlands for about 2 or 3 years with friends, and had to work all my characters up to a certain point. ive got at least 1 of every class all around different levels ranging from a 65 cleric to a 90 sage mystic. i stopped playing because the fun got sucked out of the game when 90% of the free players start paying money to buy FC rooms and those who didn't wanna pay for a free game couldn't do anything since no one does BH anymore. i loved the doing the Goshiki quest line when the tide-born came, it gave had great rewards for a quest that didn't feel like just a grind, it had a intriguing story. now most people wont even know it exists. Now all the work that i put into getting better as a player, from a complete noob to where i am now, is all almost down the drain because people who put no effort into playing are now given the opportunity to skip all of that. im not trying to rage or say "this is a bad game" because of this, but since the game, PVP and PVE, is 80% gear based instead of skill based, it just doesn't sit right in my logic of thinking. It isnt only my time that was wasted, it is also the developers too in a way. all the time spent planning out quests like the goshiki quest, is all but pointless since people are now just gonna skip it without a second thought. i thought about its positives like, leveling normally to 95 feels like a MAJOR time consuming grind and can be quite boring, and then i realised that no one actually does level normally. its all FC heads room to the highest bidder. i loved playing this game with my friends, organizing BH squads, making plans on how we will lure the boss with a veno pet or genie, barb would tank. playing PWI whilst on skype was just really cool, it would erase that grinding feeling. but now everything has changed and it feels like there is absolutely no reason to play anymore if your not willing to pay.
i miss playing this with friends but we have all moved on because of the ever increasing pay2win meta. thats all i have to say and its just what i think about the current game state.

Zeco 8 years ago
Loving this but kinda worried on how I'm gonna get gear

Koronas 8 years ago
that is so crap why u play a mmo, when u dont wanna lvl. perfect world sux hard like wow and the most other crap games on the market. play cash to instant lvl and be a nub at lvl 95 or pay to win the game to have all lvl 95. this is quit dumb

GrrrrMeow 8 years ago
I can't find anything on the spirit you will need for skills, or the cultivations. So your lvl 95 with lvl 1 skills? and have all the cultivation quest to do and build up enough spirit to learn the skills? Is it just exp or spirit too?

Jowns 8 years ago
Yes, with World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor you get one free level 90 with the purchase of the expansion. Any other character you want to make and have boosted to 90 so you can level to 100 right away is 60$. I believe that this is in no way p2w at least for WOW. As all you're doing is skipping history to get to the present. I'd like to think the same for Perfect World. The downside is simply the same as the upside, you are skipping the mysteries and adventures that many before you enjoyed.

Bic Boi 8 years ago
A lot of mmos seem to be doing this lately. One has to wonder about this insta-cap trend..

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JohnD 8 years ago
-_- Didn't World of Warcraft just do this with that one expansion pack a couple weeks ago? Also instead of buying crystals to level up your character cant you just make different accounts and pick a different class on each account?

Henry Lu 8 years ago
It says "December 17th, 2014 - January 16th, 2015" so it hasn't started guys really should be more careful with these types of things. I downloaded the game just to be disappointed to find an empty mailbox.

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hm 8 years ago
Ah time to reach the level cap at least once in my life

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Chibi 8 years ago
Ah PWE. They never seem to fail with their brilliant money-grabbing ideas. Let me pull out $60 from my arse right now! IT's Definitely Wurf it... Kappa

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