Thanks to this morning’s PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 3 stream, we finally have a launch window for the game that isn’t the entirety of 2021 — or what’s left of it anyway. As you may have suspected from the recent global closed beta test announcements, the game’s launch is fairly close. In fact, we’re only going to have to wait about two months for it (maybe a smidge more, maybe a smidge less), as the game’s launch window is now simply June. Yeah. They’re still unwilling to give us the exact date.

That said, the stream did offer all kinds of nifty information about the launch and everything leading up to it. First off, the PSO2:NGS launch will happen simultaneously for Japanese and Global players. So, while the two groups won’t be on the same servers, and may have slightly different content because of local regulations, everyone will be starting off on the journey together. Prior to this happening, Sega will be dropping the last of the currently available content for Phantasy Star Online 2 proper, meaning global players will be caught up before New Genesis launches.

During the steam, a (sort of) roadmap was outlined for both games — since they’re a bit interconnected and all. Of course, we all know that the Global closed beta is set to take place the weekend of May 14. As we mentioned before, those who participate in the beta will receive some special rewards — which were outlined in a handy-dandy graphic.

If you haven’t signed up for the test yet, details on how to do that can be found in the post on the CBT announcement.

Prior to closed beta, Sega is kicking off a “Road to New Genesis” event, offering new and returning PSO2 players gifts and rewards for a variety of activities. These include social media campaigns, login bonuses, level boosts, and more. The “Road to New Genesis” event kicks off Wednesday, May 12.

Finally, in late May, prior to the game’s launch, Sega will be releasing the PSO2: NGS Benchmark software — which also happens to function as a character creator. The software will allow players to make sure their system is up to snuff while also giving them a chance to pre-create their in-game character. This should come in pretty handy as apparently some players have spent up to 15 hours creating characters during the Japanese beta tests. This is probably partially due to the fact that players can customize character emotes and expressions in addition to everything else. If you’d like to see that in action, watch the stream below.


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