Pixel Worlds Gets Pets, Encourages Players To Exploit Them For Monetary Gains


Want a cute little bunny or bird pet? Pixel Worlds has you covered? How about a gremlin pet? Uh, yeah, that too. A robot pet? OK, now it’s getting weird …

Those are the four pets, a.k.a. familiars, introduced in today’s update to Finnish developer Kukouri’s sandbox builder. Players can feed their pets and watch them grow and evolve into more powerful forms. (What exactly do you feed a robot? Nuts?)

As Pixel Worlds relies on a player-built economy, Kukouri encourages players to “farm and sell food blocks; sell or lease their feeding devices, or specialise in growing and selling familiars altogether.” It’s like Eve Online with cute animals. And robots. Or does Eve already have robots?


  1. Not really understanding why you’re telling mmobomb to remove it from steam when they have no control over it. A lot of things need to be removed from steam. I’ve been a steam user since 2005 when might and Magick multiplayer was a thing, and I don’t see why steam needs movies, visual novels, and these quick cash grab jerks who buff their videos and pictures using photoshop to make their games easier look better than they really are and when they get people’s money they just disappear and Noone can get a source code to try and work the game themselves.

  2. Get it off steam It doesn’t belong if it’s only reason of being ‘on’ the free to play section is the sole reason of release you might as well make it 9.99$ from the micro transactions. IT, IS, BAD.


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