Plaintiffs In Discrimination Case Seek New Counsel As Riot Accused Of Collusion


The gender discrimination lawsuit against Riot — which seemed to be wrapped up late last year before various government agencies suggested that a $10 million settlement “grossly undercompensated” victims — took a surprising turn last week.

California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) have suggested that the plaintiffs’ legal representation, Rosen & Saba, colluded with Riot Games to produce the relatively low figure. As such, is reporting that the plaintiffs have found new counsel to continue their legal battle: women’s rights attorney Genie Harrison, who pursued cases against the Weinstein Company.

Along with employment lawyer Joseph Lovretovich, Harrison has tabbed a team of “well-qualified statisticians” to analyze pay data and “recover the compensation due to the women of Riot Games and achieve institutional reform, in order to level the playing field for women.”

Riot Games has responded to the collusion claims by stating that the original $10 million proposal “was fair and adequate under the circumstances” and that it will “defend ourselves against false narratives and unfair claims that do nothing to remedy any hardships of actual class members.”


  1. Riot hired woke feminists and SJWs now they are suffering the consequences. These people are professional victims. They victimize themselves, and once your company admits wrong doing they move for attack and will attack hard.

    Riot created this.

  2. When the ice melts north and south caps and we are flooded under water the only thing us humans will look back at is, it is was money, selfishness and GREED that got us to self destruction of our own planet.
    This is exactly whats happening here, there is never enough money for any greedy person, and to top it off, the winners will be the lawyers and courts fees, not the justice for equality and or collusion’s.
    Stop the greed and move on.


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