Planetside 2 Construction

Hey, you got Landmark in my PlanetSide 2! That might be the impression you get from today’s PlanetSide 2 patch, which adds the Construction System to the game, letting players erect structures on the surface of Auraxis for various offensive and defensive purposes.

A new resource, cortium, will need to be gathered to power your construction dreams. With it — and the right schematic, several of which are auto-granted — you’ll be able to create a wide variety of objects, including walls, bunkers, a “garage” for Sunderers, a variety of turrets, and more. Two “meta-buildings” are also part of the system: a cortium silo, used for storing cortium at a base, and the HIVE, which generates victory points based on how close it is to hostile warpgates. Collecting cortium requires a new vehicle, the ANT, which carries four soldiers and a mining laser.

With the addition of HIVEs, Victory Points have been revised, with every continent now requiring 15 VPs to be captured. To help with population issues, queues will also be formed when a faction severely outnumbers other factions.

The continent of Indar also gets a significant rework, with nearly every outpost seeing changes to its layout. Other updates include a new weapon, the NS-20 Gorgon dual-purpose gun for MAX units, and a slew of UI improvements. The changes are extensive, and you can read all of them on the PlanetSide 2 forums.

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  1. Not everyone likes minecraft, not everyone was to build stupid sh**t. Rework and smooth game / maps, thast all it needs, if that. crafting is for puss farts

    • It doesn’t work like MineCraft you uninformed dumb-ass.

      Also if by now the game isn’t “smooth” for you, you’re going to have just give up and move on.

      • Hey there typical fanboy dumb-ass. Obviously used it loosely. Its the easiest and cheapest way to compare it. Use your brain. This game does need a little more optimization though, and you cant argue that.


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