SOE has been steadily drip feeding fans news surrounding efforts to optimize their futuristic MMOFPS Planetside 2. Today’s latest explosive video in SOE’s ‘Operation: Make Faster Game’ series, sheds some light on how the FPS’s animation system works and what’s being done not only to improve its performance, but increase the quality as well.

Being that Planetside 2′ battlefield encompasses hundreds of square miles, there is no need to see every muscle twitch soldiers make from 400m away. What’s important is knowing what direction they are headed and whether they are crouching or standing. By removing unnecessary animations at great distances, SOE has managed to reduce how much the animation system uses the CPU by 50%. That isn’t to say your new PS2 experience will be one filled with inferior animations, quite the contrary. SOE will also be adding new animations including leaning, which doesn’t sound like much, but goes a long way towards improving players’ ability to predict an enemy’s movement.

Planetside 2′ explosions are also receiving some efficiency improvements which reduce the number of explosive pixels that fill your screen when a Vanguard happens to roll over a few dozen landmines. The reduction however, has minimal effect on the actual “wow” factor of the explosion, and results in a fairly substantial performance increase.

SOE had already set a tentative date to ship the first round of optimizations on October 23rd, but with the date now behind us and no new release announcement, it’s apparent SOE feels they need more time.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. i quit playing this game the first week it was released due to the infestation of aimbot newbs. haven’t heard any update on sony’s attempt to quell these “hackers” (using this term VERY loosely as any scrub can download an aimbot program).

    until i hear sony’s stance on this i will not go back.

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    • Dude there’s people with quad-cores and a 2000$ custom built system and they still run at 40fps… don’t even expect to play it with a dual core

  3. I forgot to mention get the 2gig DDR5 EVGA Nvida GTX 650 version it is way better than the 1gig DDR5 2 gigs is better than 1. & why the hell are people so rude. Let’s try to help fellow gamers out unless none of you know how to build a PC & just spend a shit ton of mommy & daddy’s cash & buy a I buy POWER or ALIEN WARE prefabricated PC that you never touched or picked up a fillips head screwdriver to build a PC yourselves.

    • Though i agree with the last couple sentences, you are wrong, VRam doesn’t make it any faster, the only reason he’d need more VRam is if he were going to play on higher resolutions. and also don’t get a GTX650, it’s a waste, get a 760

      • Yeah but the GTX 760 is not for a budget build it is a 300 dollar card the GTX 650 is only like a 100 bucks now & I think it’s awesome :)!

  4. They should may try to shut down this game because in my reqiurements this game is crashing.I cant able to play this fking game.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have dual core and is impossible to run this awesome game.!!!

    • Dumbass. Dual core means nothing. What kind and make processor and most important, what graphics card, make n model of PC… Not to mention OS and permissions. Go to Gameboy noob

      • None of ya’ll understand how hardware components work. People playing this shit in i-3’s on LAPTOPS and it works just fine. People still using intel pentium dual cores AND it still works just fine… and they’re also using gtx 285’s…. an that shit sucks but they get 40-70 frames. A 650 is enough to runs this baby fine and depending which intel duo you’re using, it is capable of using this just one. Hell, buy a damn tri-core its fine…

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    • sorry you’re english was so bad that i got to feel sorry for you, yet i am still too amazed by how bad it was. and as a result my jaw is still on the floor so i cannot send you my careface.

      • I think my IQ dropped reading through this argument, why is this place infested with people who cannot complete a full english sentence that actually makes sense.


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