If there is one thing Free-to-Play gamers enjoy doing, it’s playing dress up with their favorite MMO characters. Well ok, maybe a large percentage of gamers in general like doing that. It’s only natural isn’t it? We want our characters looking as badass as possible, or as cute as possible if that’s your kind of thing.

This applies to all kinds of characters be they superheroes, champions, mages, or in the case of Planetside 2, grunts in a never ending war of man and nanites. Afterall, when you are one of two thousand individuals on Amerish, you may just want to feel a little different, a little more you.

Luckily, SOE understands that burning desire to just be yourself. So in the spirit of individuality, SOE will add Player Studio support to PS2 this coming Monday.

Player Studio is something all SOE products get treated with at some point or another. The system allows players to create their own cosmetic items to be considered for official adoption by SOE. In layman’s terms, like making a hat for Team Fortress 2. Similar to Valve, SOE’s Player Studio allows players to make a profit off of their work with 40% of each sale awarded to the creator.

In terms of how it actually works, players are given models and textures from the official game which they can then adjust and modify to create their own renditions. Unlike previous implementations of Player Studio which only limited, PlanetSide 2’s version will not allow players to import their own textures due to concern for players with low end PCs who may suffer from large custom textures.

At the start players will only be able to create relatively simple items like helmets, decals and hood ornaments. SOE may allow for more complex creations like vehicle armor and new weapons after the studio has ensured that the system is stable. Unfortunately for EU players, the first phase of the program will only be available to those based in the U.S., with plans to add other countries over time.

While it officially launches on Monday, players can already check out the official site which has a detailed guide on getting started.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Who cares? If the game sucks I will not play it. If the game is good I’ll play it all the time. Who gives a shit about dress up. What’s with the bull shit articals? I mean i wonder how much they pay you to write this crap? I can do this in my sleep.

    • Judging by how many people make and buy hats and items for Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and other games that feature this kind of setup. I’d say a lot of people care.

      • Sadly a lot of the stuff that people make is kind of, well bad. Also essentially it’s getting the community to do your work for you. I think it’s somewhat lame, I like the option, I just dislike the fact that they take advantage of people. Oh well if the sheep want to be herded, I suppose let them.

        • They are taking advantage of people, if you make a skin that sells 1000 copies for £2 you will get 40%, which is £800. It is not that hard to make a skin, so you will gain a massive profit from the game.

  2. I hope they add full custom characters and vehicles, id also love to see support for skeletal redesign so i can use less “human” looking equipment.


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