Daybreak Game Company’s got a lot planned for its upcoming Critical Mass update for PlanetSide 2. Yesterday, the dev team showed off off the new goodies on a livestream, which you can see archived here.

Continent locking is being reworked in the update, with factions being required to hit 10 Victory Points, triggering an hour-long alert that requires the triggering faction to defend its territory. Success equals a lock, failure means things keep going as normal. The goal of the new system is to simplify objectives and to make continent locking feel more epic, rather than just “happening” at seemingly random times. Also, giant lasers kill everyone. Cool!

And what do soldiers receive for their efforts? There are various tiers of rewards, based on who starts the continent-locking alert and whether it’s successful. They’ll receive ISO-4, a currency that’s used for buying and upgrading implants, based on how active they were for the alert — no jumping in at the last minute to get all the rewards! There will also be loot crates — free from playing the game, don’t worry about buying keys! — that can contain unique cosmetics, even for free players.

Some classes will also be getting new abilities:

The light assault class will get Ambusher Jump Jets, which — unlike the basic Skirmisher Jump Jets — provide a quick burst of upward movement rather than a steady vertical acceleration. Game Designer Wrel compared them to jump jets in Star Wars Battlefront, but fans of Pharah in Overwatch should get the same idea.

The engineer receives the Nano-Repair Grenade, which sticks to a vehicle or MAX and, after a short delay, repairs vehicle in an AoE radius for 10 minutes.

These changes will be active on the PTS in the near future and coming to the game after their testing period. Watch the video below or check out the blog post on the PS2 site for more.

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  1. the games been dead for over a year now? even now theres maybe 50 -100 people split between 3 races thats nothing for a battle

    it used to be fun to sit behind the OP max only noobs and repair them and farm the ammo points GO Vanu… but this game is a shadow of what it used to be i wont be coming back with this few population

    Degeneration sounds like a max only noob and the weaponspeople buy have different stats more ammo better accuracy less recoil buddy from paid to free versions or they used to , maybe that was changed ?

    • The population is fine, plenty of big fights every day unless you play at weird hours.

      Last night on Emerald, for example, there were >400 players per faction online.

  2. Free loot crates and better designed instances? WAYYYY too late. The population so dead. Even though it’s a “large scale game”, it focuses on base capture which ends up ZERG THE HALL WAY and the MECH WITH BIGGEST GUNS just sits there and farms the rewards (and of course he is P2W), and the spawn is just outside so it rinse and repeat over and over, it gets really silly and defeats the entire large world. Plus you will feel the P2W very early on with silly things like P2W jeep 1 shotting a tank LOL there is no balance in this game just wallets.

    • Your post is full of lies:

      The pop is not dead – you can find good fights even on off-peak hours.

      Bases have open layouts and “hallways” are few and far between.

      A MAX (not called a Mech) is not a stand alone unit, it requires teamwork to stay alive.

      Every weapon and every upgrade is availible for free.

      Harassers (not called jeeps) can’t one-shot even a Lightning (light tank).

      If you get farmed, it’s your own fault. Get good.

      Why go out of your way to trash talk a game you’ve obviously never played?


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