Magic: The Gathering Arena, as well as the physical Magic: The Gathering CCG, has an expansion coming out soon. But it’s only in MTG Arena that you can take its cards for a spin right now. Suck on that, primitive meatspace gamers!

Theros Beyond Death is the name of the expansion, and it “includes the return of a fan-favorite character and a clash with an unexpected foe” while potentially serving as “wonderful inspiration for your next horror campaign.” That’s a bit of a departure from the last expansion set, Throne of Eldraine, which was all about fairy tales and gingerbread people. It launches in full next month, with pre-release events taking place Jan. 17-19.

In the meantime, you can hop into MTG Arena this weekend as part of the “Game Awards After Party” and try out the expansion’s cards right now. You can choose from two decks, one Good (Elspeth) and one Evil (Ashiok), which contain not only new cards but iconic staple cards from Magic’s early days, such as Black Lotus, Sol Ring, and Sword of Fire and Ice. You’ll receive a Theros Beyond Death pack for each game you win, up to three, that you’ll be able to open when the set goes live on Jan. 16. Naturally, you can also pre-order the set, in bundles related to either Elspeth or Ashiok.

To learn more about Theros Beyond Death, hit up the Magic: The Gathering Arena site.


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