Overwolf, a software company, announced a collaboration with Intel to help make PC games playable on Windows tablets. A fully functional demo will be introduced to the public during Game Developers Conference (GDC) at the Intel booth. The public launch of the product is expected later this year.

“We found it frustrating that while tablets can technically run games smoothly, many games aren’t playable because they’re designed to be played using a mouse and a keyboard, and not a touch interface,” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “In the near future, owners of Intel Atom processor-based Windows tablets will be able play PC games they install on their machine, after installing Overwolf. We feel that this will have a huge impact on tablet purchasing decisions made by gamers.”

“We’re committed to delivering industry leading compute performance on our Intel Atom processor platforms to provide the very best gaming experience on tablets,” said René Torres, Director of Marketing, Mobile Communications Group at Intel. “Overwolf’s technology introduces a sleek and flexible solution that provides a great gaming experience in multiple gaming genres and truly brings PC gaming to tablets in a whole new way.”

Besides being able to play the games, the user will also be able enjoy Overwolf’s in-game social features that include social network connectivity like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and more.

For more info visit: www.Overwolf.com.


  1. I don’t see where they are forcing you to do anything. People play games on there phones all the time and as tech advances and gets more portable people want to do more with it. tHis is called information. Soon we will have controllers that have 500 th HDD in them and all the power of todays top end pc systems that project images onto the wall or even the air as you see in a sick movie since the tech is introduced through such movies when it becomes an idea someone tries to create it when they do it takes the market. I like to see new ideas put out there and this would be interesting. Nice work and those that don’t like the idea don’t bother giving negative comments its not like they are going to beat you up if you don’t try it. This was postseason a tablet from my pc and only took 2 minutes.

  2. When I go outside with my tablet, I generally do so because I’m done playing for the day…
    Their trying to take my free time away and make it so I can play while I’m having a break from playing.

  3. yall saying u wouldnt play this over playing on pc/laptop well of course u wouldnt i dont think that they want to replace that there just showing that if you ever wanted to go out side and actually do something u could still play ur games and not carry a heavy azz laptop every wear.

  4. This would be awesome but I am sure it would cost alot to buy a high end tablets with good processors.. but still pc/laptop still the best when going to gaming instead of tablets.. no sure it will go smooth with this one, unless they’ll do some huge modification that will benefit tablets.

    but still can’t believe this is happening.. hope it will be good in release 😀

  5. If we take in consideration that soon Microsoft will launch Windows 8 which will have the same interface on PCs and Tablets, this will transform our future monitors into some sort of “big tablets” They will be touch screen and incorporate all the hardware of a normal Desktop PC.( there are already on the market this kind of PCs) This way they are introducing a new trend in which at home people will have some sort of “Smart Touchscreen TV-Monitor PC” and on travels “Tablet PCs”, both sharing the same interface. When this will happen – maybe in 3-5 years – the game developers would have had already modified the game interaction interface to be compatible.

  6. Im sooooooooooo into it!! , im loving overwolf …..go everyone suport it :3 it worths it , next step to evolution

  7. I dont know maybe its just me but i feel that this wont be the most desirable way to play any game really i can see that it issssssss playable but i dont know how effective ur gunna be in compairson to having a high powered laptop or maybe even a mid level pc.

    • It’s not suppose to be compared to a laptop or PC.
      PCs are -not- mobile.
      Laptops are -barely- mobile.
      Tablets are built for mobility.
      Tablets are lighter than pcs or laptops.


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