This might be the most interesting forum thread I’ve read through in quite some time. Why? Well it starts off as what most people would view as a troll attempt.

ArcheAge forums user “ArchegeDown” claims to have discovered a flaw in the system that allows them to crash any ArcheAge server at will. ArchegeDown then explains that they are using a fake email address and numerous other identity protection techniques to avoid repercussions from Trion Worlds, but leaves an address to be contacted by Trion to learn more about this flaw.

Sounds like troll bait, right?

That’s exactly how most forum posters took it as well…until ArcehgeDown proved it. Skeptical users started shouting out sever names and time frames for them to be brought down as “proof” and it appears that ArchegeDown was the real deal bringing down Namia, Olla, and Ezi. When Ezi went down, the tone of the entire forum thread changed. Once most users accepted ArchegeDown’s claim, He (or she) refused to bring any more servers down as they seemed to be genuine in their intent to just communicate the flaw to Trion before others learned how to crash the server at will.

The thread has since been locked by Trion who states that they have reached out to the player. Acknowledging that they are contacting the player would indicate that the claim is probably legit in my book.

This has to be a seriously bad blow to take for a game that has already had (and continues to have) hacking, land grabbing bots, and other major issues.

Tell me what you think below!

Source: Massively, ArcheAge Forums

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  1. This has been patched in RU JP and korea and china v of the game XL games knew about it so why did they not give trions world the fix already ! Yeah so it’s xl Games fault! not trions world.

  2. they shood make expansions for RIFT amd stop doing idiotic games like this that look good only in trilers videos and pictures…. the actual game is shit compared whit RIFT shut it dow focus on your only gem TRONI thats your RIFT.

  3. That is what you get for rushing your server configuration. Trion should consider giving that person a job. He has done a good job in white hat hacking. Makes you wonder though, how many people could do this before?

  4. His intentions didn’t seem bad.
    He did make a show out of it, but at least this way he made sure they listened.
    Da-bomb for ArchegeDown.

    • If he used a ticket they probably would answer in like 7 days or something and then send a shitty response. His way got him attention which is probably nice + instant response lol.

      • Agreed, i used a ticket a month ago and still no response wtf, so ppl ar forced to find another way to get attenton, me, i just uninstalled that crap


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