Worried that your friends that have been playing Skyforge since Open Beta started are too far ahead of you? Fear no more as the next update for’s free to play MMORPG is going to help you out. The “Aelion’s Call” update will launch on September 16th and in addition to the much talked about “Catch Up System,” this update will be adding even more content for players to roll though.

Players will get a new raid called the “Mechanoid Ship.” Groups of 10 players will tackle the newly reactivated Mechanoids in the area and the Phytonides that have moved in to try and claim the land as their own. It’s up to Aelion’s protectors to put a stop to the invader’s plans.

Operations, the 40 player Invasion competitions, will be introduced and all players will benefit from their Invasion contributions as that system gets a bit of a rework based on player feedback.

The big news, of course, is the catch up system. New or returning players will receive bonuses to make progression faster through the completion of “promo adventures.” While this allows players to catch up a bit quicker, the bonuses decrease as you gain power until you’re right on par with other players. This system does still give the edge to veteran players though since you can’t fully catch up to someone that’s been putting in the time without you yourself putting in the time. It’s a nice compromise in my book.

You can check out the full breakdown of the next update here.

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  1. + action combat
    + nice western design

    -leveling system
    -many locks ($$$$$$ to unlock)
    -badly optimiezd

    to many – there skyforge sry…. not geting my cash anytime soon.


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