Say you want a PlayStation 4, but you don’t want to have to buy a PlayStation Plus subscription to play your free-to-play games online. After all, “free” means “free,” right? But hasn’t it been confirmed that you need a PS Plus account to go online?

Well, turns out the answer is “yes” and “no.”

At a roundtable discussion at E3, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida stated that, while most online games will require a PS Plus subscription, F2P games will not, and the decision will be up to each game’s publisher:

“As far as free-to-play games are concerned, it’s the publisher’s decision whether they put it inside or outside of PS Plus.”

Granted, at $50/year, or less than $5/month, PS Plus seems like a good deal overall, but it’s always nice to have options.

SOE titles DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 are two games that Yoshida confirms will not require PlayStation Plus, and we’ve heard (though not confirmed) that Warframe will also be among the freebies.

Additionally, video services such as Netflix and Hulu will not require PS Plus.

I don’t know about you guys, but the Xbox One is getting further and further back in my rear-view mirror…


  1. man i hate how you have to have ps plus to play online games… but then again it is cheap and you can get free games.

  2. You guys are complete losers, both the PS4 and the Xbox One suck. If you think about it they aren’t very appealing in any way. Also they are both very ugly and disgusting consoles, they look so stupid.

  3. Really i loved xbox with all my heart, but they ruined it with just one new console… Thanks microsoft 🙂 (has all consoles but loved xbox the most, but not anymore :3)

  4. Its just the principle of it. If I didn’t care for spending the extra money I would of bought another 360, but since I really didn’t want to I bought the PS3 instead, plus I got a better deal out of it anyways. In the end I’ll probably end up dishing out the 50 bucks but that doesn’t stop me from getting my grunts out before then lol.

  5. Wait, So I’ll have to have PS Plus to play my games online with the PS4? I think that just broke my heart. That was the major selling point for me not buying another 360 last November. Well, that just put me on the fence about buying a new console…

    • Think of this. You get 10 free games to DL and play every month that cycle to new ones including triple A titles as well as big discounts on purchasing games, and now they can take the money from having a subscription and focus on making their online services top notch like xbox live did. Xbox had a good online service because they used the subscription money to make it better and maintain it. It’s playstations turn to do the same.

      • I had PS Plus on my PS3 for 3 months to try it out. I liked it, the discounts in the store were great, but it wasn’t really something I needed, which I liked that I got to choose rather or not to do so and still be able to play online with my games. If I were to get a PS4 at launch it would cost 400 dollars for the system plus 50-60 dollars per game, plus extra controllers, add tax to that and you’re looking at least at 700 dollars(if not more) then you got to spend another 50 dollars to get the full use of the 700 dollars you just spent then you gotta keep doing it every 12 months. Yeah I’m gonna be stingy about 50 dollars lol.

        • I know a friend who saves money all the time and never wants to use it on anything. Whenever he HAS to, though, he makes sure he doesn’t have to use more than half and keeps saving up for nothing. I’ve never understood him.

          That was a sidestory, my actual comment is, what’s the big deal with spending money? If you have it and can use it, why not?

          (Then again, maybe that’s why I have nothing worth it at my place -other than games.)

        • how many games are you planing on buying?I have preordered a PS4 and since most games don’t have local co-op or mp these days(which sucks).So the extra controllers seem pointless unless your going to be playing a ton of COD(don’t get me started on why I think that franchise is terrible.).$459 with a game plus tax and overnight shipping charges(I don’t feel like standing in the cold for a midnight launch when all I’ll do is get home and have to go to sleep cause of work)I’m paying $510.89.Even if I buy a second game and controller it will still be under 700.And I don’t see most of the f2p devs that are porting to the PS4 requiring the ps plus service to play their games.But even with that in mind with all the extras you get with the ps plus service,it is a very good value.And mind you I was a xbox fanboy up until this E3.

          • I tend to have people over so the extra controllers are pretty much a must for me. 700 dollars is pretty extreme but I was taking everything into account if I took everything I needed and wanted. It might come out to be less. I’m not really all that concerned with the F2P stuff, its the regular games lol. I don’t need a PS4 to play Warframe or planetside 2. My PC does that just fine lol. Right now all I play right now on my PS3 mostly are Soul Calibur 5, SF x Tekken and Dead or Alive 5, and Tekken Revolution. Yeah, they’re all fighters, what I buy consoles for lol. It would just bug to have to pay 50 dollars a year just so I can get multiplayer out of them lol. I used to have a 360(red ringed lol) as well but I got tired of choosing to redo my live subscription or use that money to get another game lol. PS Plus comes with a lot of nice stuff but I’m not bothered with most of that stuff. lol. I just want my multiplayer. I’m not asking for much.

    • Depends. You might not have had the chance to play the sega saturn with online play or the dreamcast. It was pretty low key and not many people knew about it. So the ability was there, you just didn’t know. Unless you actually played anything before sega had online games.

  6. As we can now say good bye to playing free online Multiplayer games for consoles oh but 3 or 4 of them they let you play free. But wait we get DriveClub for free to make up for it! Remember when you could turn your Console on and just play whatever you wished because you paid for it and didn’t have to spend extra to play games with friends. This is why I stick to Computers….You guys do know they’re doing this because they can, lets make another company look bad but lets charge people to play some games but the people won’t care because it’s better then the other….That Logic rules now and people fall for it hehe.
    Sorry for my random rant, take care every one and I know a lot of you won’t like what I said but the truth hurts.

    • Agreed on the first part of your comment, but I disagree with the second. As stated by Sony, it’s the developers choice. Sony ain’t putting the game on the “pay to play” shelf, the developer is. Just like the trade fees on Xone are a developers choice (granted the DRM is still confusing and weird, but if you get the game disabled and the company doesn’t have a fee, you can give it to a friend).

      Still…yeah, I’m liking my PC even more every console generation that comes. Rather have Steam as my DRM and enjoy my games.

  7. I think Xbox will have something up there sleeves for the release of the Xbox One. I don’t think they will let Playstation walk all over them like they are doing now.

    • Yeah, if they take back every feature they announced and create a completely new console which would take years to do.

  8. ..One of the so called “best things” you PS fanboys trumpeted was that PS3 had free online..and yet now that you need to pay 50 bucks a year (the same price as Xbox Live Gold) you’re suddenly okay with that? I absolutely love the hypocritical paradigm shift you PS fanboys are trying to pull. So it turns out you were just talking out your ass the entire time in a desperate effort to hold something–anything– above the 360 fanboys heads. Pathetic.

    • well, xbox live just lets you go online. psplus also gives you free games and reduced prices on most things in the store. it pays for itself

      • My turn “xfag”? What are you, 10? I see everyone here is turning aside the big point–PS fanboys are hypocrites. You lorded “free online” over the 360 and now that you have to pay you are okay with it “because you’re getting value”? Discounts or not you are paying for online and you’re okay with it. That sudden shift is hypocritical and what I’m pointing out. I’m a PC gamer FYI (not that you’d care since you’ve decided I’m a 360 fan already) but keep avoiding the hypocritical shift; it’s proving my exact point. You’ll eat up anything sony offers.

        • paying for online or not, its no longer a problem with ps+ because for one, its cheap, two, you GET full sized triple AAA games for free, its a service that keeps on giving. To make things simpler for you, its still a better service than Xbla.

          benefits > cost

        • oh, and to add, the only thing affected by PS Plus is just online gaming, so we ps4 users still get access to the internet, unlike that one scrap brick you are trying so hard to defend

          • I have to side with “wait wait wait”.

            xbox one and ps4 are both….crap. flip phones in comparison to smart phones. The only thing that has gone nextgen with either system is sales and coding.

            ANY high performance Personal Computer can out perform these cheap-to-build/expensive-to-buy consoles and at a incredibly lower price point.

            Lets not forget you can actually upgrade a PC, and use any software you want on it.

        • And yet you are being hypocritcal as well. Just proving you’ll eat up anything microsoft has to offer. (games on the ps3 looked better than the 360 which was what i defended most and I have both systems)

          All in all, xone is a turd and ps4 is a polished turd.

          And Ps3 =/= Ps4 which is what you are implying. New generation new rules.
          Sony’s only REAL problem with the Ps3 was in fact and will always be the price tag issue. If it launched at 350$ or even a bit less than it did with the crazy 600$ price tag it would have done soooooooooo much better and have a player base the size of (larger or smaller not by much) the 360.
          I’m just gonna skip all this garbage and pour my money into a new PC. Because wether you like it or not. YOU ARE ALL JUST BUYING DOWNGRADED GAMING PC’s. (Though I may get one just for the exclusive titles which in a 6 month time will come to the pc for some stupid reason)

    • Fanboy of Xbox or not, it’s a good point to bring up. Not everyone who used the PS3’s multiplayer had a PS+ subscription, and for those people, BOTH the PS4 & the Xbox One’s online subscription requirement is going to be a factor in not getting either console.

    • You don’t have to pay to play games online. Certain F2P titles require that you do, but not all of them will, you can still play any game that you buy online without paying a dime. It’s the Xbox One that requires you to pay in order to play any online games.

    • Well someone sure is clinging to the past. It is a fact that it was huge advantage over its Microsoft counter part and as someone who has owned both the original xbox and the 360 I have to say its not unjustified. But, that is a debate for the old generation. Let it go, its not a paradigm shift, its people realising that they are getting value for their money.

    • so what are you gonna do? buy an xbox one? enjoy your fat ugly cable box with shitty features and shitty exclusives lol

      • Refer to previous comment about PC gamer–I don’t own any consoles newer than a gamecube and I won’t bother to. I just don’t like blind loyalty to brands which makes you a hypocrite as well. 🙂

    • And you could argue that Xbox fanboys now fully support and agree with having a more expensive console they deem the features worth it and that price ain’t everything despite in the previous generation calling out the 360 better for being cheaper, even though it had less features than the PS3.

      That’s why they are called fanboys. They don’t weight pros and cons, just take anything better (for their prefered console) or worse (for their disliked console) and flame on the respective counterparts for that.

    • Or you know… just play the games for free on a PC and have a system that will be more powerful even when this console comes out brand new.

      Seriously the fact that people think it’s ok to pay to just play your games you bought is beyond sad for consoles.

      • I’d like to see a PC that has the specs of a PS4 sold for 400 dollars. Not going to happen scrub. Haha. “PC is better” I agree, if you have 1,000 – 2,000 dollars to spend on a custom rig.

          • plz tell me where you bought it cause ppl always tell me u needa pay 2000$ to play bf3 and crysis max settings smoothly

          • Those people don’t know what they’re talking about and they probably bought Dell computers from Best Buy. You can buy gaming PC components without the huge markup online or locally from independent computer hardware shops.

        • Well see those of us who have a JOB have money to buy a PC that can run this stuff on graphics so high it melts you fanboys heads. That’s the solution–get a job, you social parasite.

          • And in case that wasn’t clear, it was directed at captain smartass hykova with his ” if you have 1,000 – 2,000 dollars to spend on a custom rig.”

          • so you can’t exactly justify your reasoning, and then you bring up the “get a job” card, good job sir

            a 700 dollar custom rig IS capable of running old-current gen games at max, but when it crashes and break, good luck with that

          • Justify what reasoning? How do you know he is the same guy as any of the previous commenters? “Get a job” is his whole point. Price point is a little less of an issue when you’re getting your money from somewhere other than your parents.

            “but when it crashes and break, good luck with that” What is that supposed to mean? Are you insinuating that other rigs or console hardware don’t have a chance of failure? Or maybe are you just too ignorant to know that when there is a critical problem with a PC, it only takes an OS reinstall or the replacement of a single component to fix it?

      • This is a legitimate request. Please link me to a purchasable rig set up that is substantially superior to the PS4 and under $500.

        • Case with power supply: 30$ and up
          16gigs ddr3 120$
          4.1ghz quad core black edition amd 150$
          2gb 192bit gddr5 gfx card 200$
          1tb SSD hybrid 109$
          Mother board to support it all 49$
          BluerayDrive 59$
          keyboard and mouse 9$ minimum

          700$ Meh. This was with newegg, Twice the ram, hd etc.. Now imagine if I actually went discount shopping for high performance instead of something that’s easily as powerful as the PS4 if not more, and extremely easy to upgrade in the future. vs buying a new xbox or ps when

          • If you want something bare minimum I guess that works out. I completed my new rig recent for about $1152(give or take a few dollars I couldn’t remember all I paid for everything exactly). Includes the case($180, Cooler Master full tower, its heavy), power supply(750 watt, lifetime warranty, $14), memory(8GB DDR3 1600Mhz which I pretty much got free, like $5), motherboard($104, 80 dollars off with my processor purchase), a new monitor($200), Windows 7 Pro(because I’m not a loser that downloads crap off the internet), processor($180) and the video card(which alone was 300 dollars, I’ll let u guess which), dvd drive($30, I don’t need a blu ray drive lol). I moved my hard drive from my old system over so no extra cost there.

            I’ll still probably buy a PS4 because there will be games that I’ll probably want that I won’t be able to get on PC. lol.

          • You can actually save even more than that. Get something like the A10-6800k which will save you 200$ from the CPU and GPU combined price. The HDD doesn’t necessarily need to be that big. He could get something for 60-70$ and the Blu could be swapped with a drive for ~15$. So right there would be 285$ saved bringing it under the 500$ mark. Also with how it’s shaping out to be, the PS4’s hardware is actually going to be on par for PCs of the same price range.

    • ” that PS3 had free online”- Your point is automatically invalid by stating this. Other than that what do you want people to do? Complain over this on the internet like spoiled brats? (Similar to what you’re doing now) Also PS+ has always been a better value than XBLG even before the “required for online” part. You do know that XBLG is $60 now, right?
      I’ll admit I was also displeased when they announced that, but I had planned on getting PS+ eventually anyway so it is a non-issue. This is the only negative of the PS4 at this time and if you compare it to what is available it is still the best option.

  9. well first I was interested in ps4 and then heared about they had to have ps plus account wasn’t really interested then and now this I think I am interested again but I wish they will release something f2p on ps vita like warframe as they said they will make most of the ps4 titles on ps vita … so yeah that would be cool

    • It’s a good deal even though you have to pay for PS+ for certain games, you get free games on top of that every month

  10. i think less then 5$ a month is really good deal just pay 50$ for whole year and you wont need to think about that at all. if more exclusive games will appear on ps4 (P2P/F2P) i will definitely get it.


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