With the recent introduction of Janus, the 54th god to be introduced into Hi-Rez’s SMITE, players now have quite a grind if they want to unlock all the gods from scratch. To make choosing your next god a little easier or perhaps to satisfy some completionist desire to play all gods, Hi-Rez has made all of SMITE’s gods free for the weekend. Starting today (May 30th) players can log in and enjoy the full roster until 8:00 AM EDT on Monday (June 2nd) .

Of course, players can already unlock all gods within SMITE for a fixed price. SMITE’s Ultimate God Pack retails for 29.99 USD and comes complete with all gods, current and future, leaving only cosmetic skins left for purchase.

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  1. At least now people that didn’t get to try out some gods they think they may have been good with now get a crack at em. using the gods on players and using the gods on jungle mode just isnt the same thing. now they get a chance to use gods they thought were really fun. cheers smite. well played

  2. Of coarse the community sucks. It’s a MOBA. A toxic community is a staple of this genre. The only MOBAs I’ve played that had good communities were Awesomnauts and Monday Night Combat. Every other MOBA has the same shitty community that will wet themselves if something doesn’t go their way and blame other for everything. Which is why I tend to avoid this genre. But all in all, Smite is really fun.

    • You know who are worried about spies, people who have something to hide. So make sure to delete that Japanesse kiddie porn. As for me, I know better then to store personal stuff on a computer.

      • I don’t care about what they will find, I do care about people that think privacy is a small thing, like you and Hi-Rez… and if you don’t care, you might as well do something like porn, at least gives you money for your privacy

        but it is your choice, you can play as much as you want, or at least till they launch another game and bury this

        • Well, privacy is very important, I do agree, but Hi-Rez spying is the least of our problems when our governments are doing the same except on a larger scale at this very moment. And as far as the whole “Hi-Rez giving up on their titles” go, they abandoned Tribes Ascend and Global Agenda mainly due to the fact that they were not very profitable. No matter what they released, the games were just not very popular. Hell, I liked both Tribes Ascend and Global Agenda way more than Smite, but Smite is making Hi-Rez tons of money, so I doubt they’ll be abandoning it anytime soon.

  3. A facts about Smite actually:

    Not balanced gods;
    Toxic community start to be like a league of legends;
    There are A LOT, and i say A LOT of afk people, every single day playing you can lose a match because of “leavers”;
    Report: Don’t work.

    The promotions “free gods weekend “, “free gems” are probably tatictcs to not lose players, since Smite is no longer a new/fun game

    So tired, of Smite..and I’ve avoided playing, looking for something new
    (PS:Im older player, since beta starts)

    • Hi, older player here – since closed beta.
      There is balance. Especially after this recent patch. Sure, some gods are still a little stronger when played at higher levels (and I mean competitive), but not even by so much that it ruins the game. In any level other than competitive play, if you’re whining about stronger gods that just means you’re not good.
      The community, once you reach level 30, is also not that bad. Those illiterate and toxic players start to peel off, you start to get friends to play with, etc.
      Same deal with afk people. Sure, you may run into one a day, but that really isn’t as bad as you think – and those do get punished. Even I was banned for a month because of technical difficulties that I had (fixed em on my own) which caused me to disconnect a few times, and as a results got me reported.

      I still highly suggest Smite. You’re just a bitter, probably low-level lonewolf player and shouldn’t tell others to not even try it.

    • Speaking as a person who hates MOBAs Smite I found to be one of the more enjoyable ones the combat is great the community is better then most and they usually balance any characters needed with every update I do recommend this game to any who wish to give it a try

    • That is purely your opinion so please don’t put it under “a facts”….. “a facts…
      anyways. I’ve found smite to be a relatively fun and very non-toxic (if you would compare to HoN who has the most densely toxic community out of all mobas) and is quite enjoyable. And the all free god weekend is not really a gimmick… Smite gives you so many ways to try your god (1 game rental, different modes). Just because you have lost your interest in smite doesn’t mean you have the right to go around and throw biased perspective to throw other people off it. It’s not fair of you for the new players; nor are you being fair to Hi-Rez; have some integrity sir.

    • The funny part about the “toxic” part of the community, 9/10 times it’s a person using LoL terms for everything. LoL has one of the worst communities of any MOBA, so yeah. Not much Smite or even DOTA2 can do about that kiddo. Deal with it, Smite has a mute function.

      Leavers exist likely only in the first 5 levels (noob tier), again not much anyone can do. Every MOBA pretty much is shit until you play a bit so you’re playing with people who ACTUALLY want to play.

      Gods are balanced. There are a few that are pretty meh, but even then if they’re played right, they do just fine.

      In closing: Suck less.

    • Like any other online game that has some type of “toxic” community. Giving away free stuff doesn’t always mean the player base is dieing. Sorry, unless you show me something, your comment is invalid to me. I have about 120 hours on smite and thats all, i’m too busy to play it when i have main games I can play. I understand what’s in there, I know how everything works, how the community is etc, it aint that bad. Also, whether you’re in a team or not, you can still sweep the floor, just think a little bit before engaging, as I have many times with two afk’s.

    • I was a huge FPS fan, mostly CoD and then I found League of Legends and I fell in love with. Okay there may be some toxic people but most are friendly. If you ger a toxic player just ignore or mute him/her. Don’t forget, it’s just a game and have fun!


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