Post-Apocalyptic MMO From NetEase, Ashfall, Kicks Off North American Closed Beta On August 3rd

Hopefully the game has seen some improvements after its less-than-steller reveal.

Michael Byrne
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Nuclear war started by rogue AI has rocked the land. You come out of your Vault and need to find the Core of Creation, a mysterious MacGuffin that can supposedly save what remains of the world.

No, we're not talking about a new Fallout game here, we're talking about Ashfall, the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG from NetEase.

While we've seen some less-than-stellar gameplay in the past, Ashfall is now preping to give North American users a chance to jump into the game and see if the changes made since those early reveals pay off. Closed beta will be kicking off on August 3rd and will run for two weeks. While originally scheduled for July, the beta will miss the month by a few days.

Ashfall takes visual inspiration from Eastern culture and boasts a musical score composed by Hans Zimmer (Oscar-winning composer of multiple movie soundtracks including Gladiator and and the Pirates of the Caribbean series), and Steve Mazzaro and Inon Zur (ironically musical producers on the Fallout series.)

You can sign up for the closed beta now on the game's site and the game will eventually launch on both PC and mobile devices and feature cross play between the platforms.

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