Be Prepared To Fight Off The Argon Invasion In TERA Starting August 15


En Masse Entertainment is gearing up for another event in its free-to-play MMO TERA. The Argon Assault event will kick off on August 15 and run through September 5, during which time players will need to band work together to fight off the Argons as they try to invade open-world zones.

The invasion will take place twice daily and occur mostly in high-level zones requiring players to be max level to really participate. Knowing that not everyone might be leveled up, the developer will also be running a special leveling event alongside Argon Assault. During this time, players will receive double XP for every monster killed. They’ll also unlock reward packages when hitting level milestones.

More information on both events are available on the TERA site — Argon Assault here and the level up event here.



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