If you care what England’s royalty thinks about gaming and social media, Prince Harry is here for you. During a recent event at the YMCA in West London, the prince offered his opinion on both topics — particularly the global favorite Fortnite.

According to his comments at the event, there’s no benefit to having Fortnite in your house. In fact, he feels it causes extreme issues because “it’s created to addict” players and keep them looking at their screens for extended periods of time.

“It’s like waiting for the damage to be done and kids turning up on your doorsteps and families being broken down.”

Because of this, he feels the “game shouldn’t be allowed.”

While his comments didn’t call for an outright ban of the game, it is being interpreted that way. If nothing else, it implies he’d be happier if the game were barred.

Of course, people have been calling for bans on different games for decades, and while they can definitely be addictive, there has continued to be an argument as to whether the actual fault is with the games or just that — as with almost anything — some people are prone to become addicted to them.

So, there you have it. Prince Harry sees no benefit of people playing Fortnite and believes it shouldn’t be allowed. He hasn’t officially called for a ban, but it doesn’t mean someone won’t do it on his behalf. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. All things that cause addiction and destruction should be banned including ciggerates. Society would be a lot more constructive that way. Nobody seems to care though

  2. Those are ridiculous comments. You could say the same things about cigarettes:
    There’s no benefit to smoking. It causes extreme issues because “it’s created to addict” smokers and keep them buying cigarettes for the rest of their life.
    Because of this, I feel “smoking shouldn’t be allowed.”

    Are cigarettes addictive? Are cigarettes still around? Will they be here for a long, long time? Yes, yes, and yes.

  3. No, the basics of his comment is “over screen time”
    Game players take for granted the time on their computer and therefore look at their screen for long period of time. This can damage their eyesight in over time. Because overkill screen time happens with games often, we have to learn to walk away. Mobiles are even more damaging as your concentrating on a tiny area and not looking away enough.
    Our eyes are meant to see different objects in different lengths of distance in milliseconds! they are made to adapt so fast and be able to constantly correct those visions seen. They are extremely precious.
    What we have developed is a toy that keeps us locked to a point for very long periods therefore over time it damages the eyes and makes them flicker all day and lose their adjustment of sight that you would of had if you didn’t have to stare at screen for long periods.
    Then there’s the sitting in same spot for long periods of time, this also can cause blood clotting, and muscle deformation for long runs of game play, this can is now related to flying in plane and blood clots can form and it could be bye bye you or a fast trip to hospital if you do this everyday.

    Maybe Prince harry should not said it should be banned just don’t make it a lengthy session of overkill proportions.
    Computer games are great fun and I have been playing them since their birth, but I have had my lessons and been in hospitalized because of it! So learn from the wise and take a break every half hour to hour and always try and keep looking at other things other that that screen during your game time. Do not worry about other players and other commitments in a game just worry whether its bad to be sitting for long periods of time and staring for too long.
    Keep active.
    Another reason why VR should be banned from gaming as that’s total enclosure and in my book is definitely not a gaming tool that ever should of been introduced to the mass’s.


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