Prius Online: Closed Beta Now Live!

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gPotato is excited to announce that closed beta for their cinematic MMORPG, Prius Online, is now live! Closed Beta Testing will run from April 28th through May 8th and will feature six different classes, levels 1 through 25, multiple zones, and the beginnings of an epic storyline. Players can download the CBT game client from Big Download, and Fileplanet.

To celebrate the launch of closed beta, Prius Online is holding several events and giveaways:

· Race to Supremacy – The first player to reach maximum level will receive a permanent mount!
· Dungeon Runners – The first team to complete a particular instance of the Phantasm and Shadowless dungeons will be rewarded with a unique prize for Open Beta!
· Overflow! – Vengeful Plunder monsters have spawned all over the land. At the end of CBT, the top 20 monster killers on each server will receive a Prius Online hoodie!
· GM Scavenger Hunt - Meet the GMs! Everyday a list of items will be announced through Twitter, the forums, and Facebook. The first 20 to find them all and turn them in to the posted location will win a prize!
· Bedazzled – All CBT participants will be given with an adorable Anima costume during Open Beta Testing!

For more details on Prius Online visit the Official Prius Website at

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haxoll 12 years ago
download the game of BIG, file planet dont work stop the download in 400-900mb

blake 12 years ago
the games not that good at all i played it the graphics suck and i sarted out at lvl 30 on the first day of loging into its not a game i am ever going to play agin. and dont be fold by how good the trailers look cause the game looks nothing like them and the game play really sucks

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ltzh0f17 12 years ago

At the point I'm leaving this comment, the full downloads linked above have a combined 11k downloads. Probably a small number relative to the number of total players, but still an impressive standing against their 40MB installer. (Which I've run twice, overnight each time, and the first broke because Windows sucks, the second because it appears their downloader sucks. I already knew that though.)

So, now to wait yet another day, and then I'll -finally- be able to play. Well, once I sort out why it appears my account doesn't exist anyway... And on that note, away I go.

mmorep 12 years ago
when can i play?

gcghost 12 years ago
Apparently, gPotato is behind. Its still the teaser site and there is no redeem key button.

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