The Tomorrow Children is an odd-looking game for PlayStation 4 from Pixeljunk creators Q-Games. There are all the usual elements of a builder/shooter, like… you know, building and shooting. It’s even got a typical-sounding premise:

Mankind is on the verge of extinction, and you must cooperate with other players to build your town and defend it from monstrous invaders. Stand tall, unite with your fellow citizens, and help lead civilization back to its former glory.

The presentation is a little odd, though, as you can see from the above teaser video from E3. The whole thing is set an an alternate-universe post-Cold War Soviet Union and it’s your job “to restore civilization to a world that has been annihilated by a failed science experiment.” With your comrades, of course.

For now, you can purchase a Founder’s Pack for $19.99, granting you early access on Sept. 6, with the plan being to go full free-to-play at a later date. For now, you can learn more about the game via its PS4 site.

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