We have a little PSA for y’all here. If you’ve ever played My Beautiful Paper Smile and want more (or you’ve just been curious to see what it’s all about), this should be pretty awesome news. A free-to-play prologue is available on both Steam and Itch.io beginning February 2nd.

The standalone content, titled Night in Riverager: A My Beautiful Paper Smile Story is a spoiler-free introduction to the original game and is both a demo and a story all its own. For players of My Beautiful Paper Smile, it offers a fresh look at familiar locations and characters. For new players, it will serve as a intro to the series.

If you haven’t played My Beautiful Paper Smile and liked its prequel, it’s available on Steam for $15. It’s still technically in early access, and it looks like there may be more content in the future. And if you’re just interested in checking out what else Two Star Games has in their library, there is a puzzle-based RPG titled “My Friend is a Raven” available on Steam for free as well.


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