Phantasy Star Online 2 players got a new update today — which may not have gone as well for some as it did for others — and along with it some new campaign content. In fact, three new campaigns are now available, including a new mission pass related campaign, the ARKS boost rally, and party play.

The update follows the release of the Season 4 Mission Pass on June 9. The Season 4 pass offers players a whole new set of rewards including gear, weapons, cute little head-mounts, and more. The new season ends on July 7. During this time players can also earn even more rewards by taking part in the mission pass play campaign which simply requires them to achieve specific tiers in order to earn the rewards. Be aware, however, that some rewards will become unavailable if the tier in question isn’t hit by a certain date. Full details on that are available on the PSO2 site.

In the case of the ARKS boost rally event, players have until June 23 to complete a series of advanced quests in order to earn a set percentage toward XP and rare drop rate chance. Players are encouraged to team up for this event will also be rewarded for logging in during the event’s run.

Finally, those who want to take part in the Party Play campaign will need to group up with their friends for the other campaigns and complete a certain amount of quests while in groups of two or more people in order to earn even more rewards — including a pair of Photon X Wings.

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      • You do realize that in order to log in you need to get a pop up prompt from an UWP app called XBOX Live or whatever? And if that app doesn’t start when you launch the game, you can’t log in and you still can’t play.

        So this Tweaker is useless as long as the game relies on UWP crApps to play the game.

        Still the only solution is to have a standalone version of the game, until that happens, the game will always be broken for many people.

        • As mentioned previously, the Tweaker does use/interface with the App store to launch. This is for alternate downloading and updating.

      • No thanks.
        I do not want to bother with something that is not supported officially.
        And to be honest i don’t really want this game badly enough.
        From the looks of things it’s a typical anime game that is currently riding the western hype train. I wanted to check it out but i won’t drop dead if i do not.

        There are other factors, as well:
        *How long will that program be supported?
        I don’t want to dish effort only for it to be wasted if it suddenly decides to stop working permanently.
        *Will it stop working for a while every time Micro and Sony update something?
        *I don’t want any potential backdoors to my pc, or miners.

        Anyway, i’m fine with waiting for official methods to start working and if they do not i’m fine with skipping this game altogether.


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