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In a move that’s a bit… different, developer Fairytale Distillery has announced that it will be taking its isometric PvP MMO The Exiled (formerly Das Tal) free-to-play for its third season. The game — which launched in February — came out of the gate with a buy-to-play model and offered a 7-day free trial. Apparently, 7 days just isn’t enough time to really get into the game.

To fix this, the developer has decided to eliminate the 7-day trial period and simply allow players to access the game over the four week Season 3 period. Of course, if players want access to more character slots and character visuals, they’ll still need to buy the Supporter Pack. It should also be noted that whether or not this free-to-play thing will extend past the 3rd season is unknown at this time.

For details on The Exiled Season 3, or to just hop into the game, head over to its Steam page.

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  1. they are quite slow just like what everyone here is saying, i guess their lack of experience in development is playing the big part of failing

  2. I played it today, ofc it was going to transform into f2p because it’s empty as F… 8 people it’s the top thing you will ever see. The game principle is good but it needs tons of improvement.

    • So we were heading for a big Sunday with lots of players. Unfortunately there was some hardware bug for the US servers, which lead to them being lagged out and they eventually went offline. The EU server also reported some lag hitch and shut down, but it came back up much quicker. So we lost a lot of momentum of getting players after it went free to play this season, which was a shame.

      • FYI I’m just a player, but I was hoping that it going F2P would give a nice bump to players, since the game can be fun with the PvP. Hopefully this weekend we have another run of people trying the game more.

    • 20 people on a server at the same time is still playable for this kind of game at the moment, since it’s more of a PvP Arena game with some MMORPG elements and a small, but open world.

      Ideally 50-100 players who make an effort to understand some of the combat, and the game will feel much better, even in it’s current state.


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