Quake Champions‘ March update kicked off Season 2, and you know what that means in a free-to-play PvP game — that’s right, a new battle pass! Rewards for this season include the Flintlock Shotgun, Visor Plasma Emissions System, and the Tesla Lightning Gun. As a convenience for this season, rewards are auto-granted instead of needing to be manually picked up and the XP required to get to level 100 has been nearly halved, down to 55% of what was needed in Season 1.

Even if you don’t pay for Quake Champions, this patch has a lot for you. All players, free or paid, can create custom matches, and the free champion rotation now includes two champions per week. One way to pay, however, has been removed: the Champions Pack, which previously granted you access to all champions for one price, has been discontinued. Now you’ll have to earn champions via currency, earned either in-game (shards) or purchased (platinum).

id Software also announced the new esports season for Quake Champions, kicking off with a duel tournament at QuakeCon in July 2019 and finishing up with the World Championship at QuakeCon 2020, the 25th installment of the event. Learn about everything that’s happening in this patch via the notes on the Quake Champions Steam page.

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