Best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore visited Cryptic Studios recently to discuss Neverwinter’s upcoming expansion Underdark.

Salvatore was interviewed about his involvement in the development of the expansion alongside Executive Producer, Rob Overmeyer. The duo shares details about the new expansion; discussing everything from the overall aesthetic of the new areas to the importance of Drizzt Do’Urden.

Players will have a chance to fight alongside Drizzt in a 10-player encounter as he takes on Demogorgon.

More information about the Underdark expansion is available on the Neverwinter site.


  1. Drizzt is a little fggt and is a huge reason to stay away from this game aside from bad mechanics, obscene pay2win grind with enchants and gear and the shady business practices they’ve tried to pull. God knows why anyone even likes Drizzt Do’Hȏmȏ, he whines all the time. Bottom line is game is terrible and worse than anything Wizards of the Coast ever put out for D&D. This is worse than 4th Edition. This game is not D&D and anyone who has ever played D&D proper knows this.

  2. Drizzt Do’H0mo is fricken awful and is an even bigger excuse to stay away from this game aside from its bad mechanics, obscene pay2win grind and shady business tactics. This is not D&D. Anyone who plays D&D knows this not D&D. It is garbage, worse than anything Wizards of the Coast has ever put out for D&D. Worse than 4th ED. WORSE THAN 4TH ED.

  3. It’s a shame as this game has so much potential. The producers seem to have absolutely no clue though what the players want – since mod 6 it’s continued to go downhill and seems to be declining rapidly.

    You can get to level 70 without spending anything, but end game is pure grind and basically nothing else.

  4. Love the Neverwinter setting & I am a total D&D 2nded & 3.5ed fan but the mechanics, character classes & combat suck total ass! The devs of this game really screwed it up! They should have used the DDO 3.5 system would have made it a way better game.

    • Yup.

      Haven’t played this one in awhile but the things you mention are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why this game sin’t that great. When it was first launching the game was plagued with bugs and it was extremely difficult to figure out what a lot of the skills actually did, since the bugs weren’t documented and it was up to the players to figure out wtf they did. Then there’s the pay 2 win bsery, which is probably still around.

      • Without a doubt–if you want BiS gear with best gem sockets you are going to have to pony up money or spend a literally years grinding because of RNG.

        This game is and has always been a gigantic cash-grab and a pimple on the ass of MMORPGs everywhere.

  5. game is really really bad. no matter who they use to try and revive the population they lost their clients cause of their shaddy business tactics and “promotions”.


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