Hearthstone’s first upcoming expansion is set to breathe a great deal of life into the CCG’s meta game and single player experience. Currently, there’s little incentive to play against the practice AI after unlocking your basic cards and Hearthstone’s competitive scene has boiled down to a few deck types with slight variations to each. The addition of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion promises to rectify both of these issues by adding new single player experiences which when defeated, will reward players with new Naxx themed cards.

While Curse of Naxxramas set to debut “soon” only a handful of new images have been showcased and overall visual details remain scant. That is, until a recent Reddit user posted supposed leaked images of the Ipad version of Hearthstone running the allusive expansion. Check out the full gallery below:

Seeing as Naxxramas is a raid within World of Warcraft, in Hearthstone players will work to complete each of the raid’s five ‘wings’, with each wing containing a set of boss challenges. A few of the 15 bosses present in the expansion and their hero abilities can be seen in the images, along with a few UI photos as well.

A few new legendary cards are also present which have yet to be officially revealed by Blizzard, although the studio has revealed 14 other cards thus far. A new legendary will be rewarded to a player after completing each wing.

Similar to Arenas, the first wing will be available for free with subsequent wings costing a currently unannounced sum of gold or real world currency.

Additional fan accrued details regarding Curse of Naxxramas can be found here, just remember this information has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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  1. i reallly can’t understand people who’s say it’s a pay 2 win…is absolutely wrong ….sure you can pay for to have better card FASTER,that’s all….i WON lots lot of times vs people at hightest lvl and with UNBELIVEBLE cards that i never saw…you just need luck when you keep a card and hope that your rival keep useless card (maybe for that turnation)..so you can put cards on table and let them stay alive,that’s the key…i won lots of game when i was with 5 or 4 health vs 30 health…. i lost lots of time vs easy player and cards too..(only cos they started first,or cos i didn’t have any low mana cards to play immediatly.i repeat if you have luck in card in the right moment,you can beat ANYONE,even a player with gold cards or anything you want….sure skill is necessary for to play and to win,but LUCK is the 1st word in this game,and you can win or loose vs anyone…i’m bollak778#2983 in battlenet . send friend invite,and play with me…i bet i win and loose as anybody,i bet no one of you can beat me (or anyother) 20 match on 20….in a pay to win you can win EVER… but NOT in hearthston

  2. Still waiting for an Android version. I don’t think I’ll come back to playing Hearthstone until it’s available on my phone/tablet. Playing this in front of my computer is just strange to me. Well either that or when I get a Shield.

  3. What’s with Blizzard and PvE? There is a reason why MOBAs are dominating the gaming industry. I’m only looking forward to the new cards and hopefully some balance changes because this game desperately needs them. You can easily figure out the meta in just a few hours. Hope they’re not going to pull the same crap in Heroes of the Storm, because then I’m officially done with Blizzard, or should I say Activision Blizzard.

    • Seems pretty obvious to me the PVE is because they see that Hex TCG will be threatening Hearthstone’s existence.

      Alos, Moba’s aren’t dominateing the industry. One Moba (LoL) is extremely popular, while another (dota 2) is also quite popular. LoL would have to sell alot of skins to compete with Call of duties pre order sales or GTA 5 sales. GTA 5 has pulled in somewhere in the league of 4 billion $ and it still hasn’t been released for PC or next gen.

      For LoL to compete with that they’d have to sell about 534 million skins on average. I find it highly unlikely that League is generating that kind of revenue personally. This is also not counting the other third person shooter titles on the market.

      Most people are buying GTA 5 for the PvE aspect as well, so yeah, pve not ded.

      • You also forgot about tournaments, which generate millions in revenue. Sales also don’t mean anything, it’s all about player base. Even GTA 5 a PvE game, is already implementing multiplayer with PvP content.

        • The grand theft auto series has always had multiplayer, I remember playing gta2 multiplayer. So it isn’t really suprising that GTA 5 is “already” implementing multiplayer since it’s been a feature of the game for some time. GTA 3 was the only iteration that didn’t have multiplayer and that is likely due to consolitis as the multiplayer was being developed then for whatever reason was scrapped before release.

          The thing is, people aren’t buying GTA for multiplayer, it’s just an added feature. This is fairly evident when you look at how well gta 3 sold even though it didn’t have multiplayer features at all.

          I have no clue what your going on about sales not meaning anything and playerbase being the deciding factor. Pretty sure to dominate a market the metric that is most important will cearly be sales.

          Tournaments generating millions? I doubt it personally, but I don’t think they generate lots of millions if they even break 1 million when running a tournament. Even if tournaments are a lucrative endeavour, I highly doubt that the revenue from tournaments is all that significant when comparing to 1 buy to play title that generated 4 billion + in less than a year.

  4. Eh, not really all that excited. Bosses and a handful of cards? Blizzard is deving like this is a video game and not a CCG.


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