Perfect World Entertainment announced that the Closed Beta for its free to play action MMORPG, RaiderZ, is scheduled to launch on August 8, 2012. Players who register for the RaiderZ Closed Beta will also have a chance to win an all-inclusive trip for two to PAX Prime.

And because we love you guys we have lots of RaiderZ closed beta keys to offer, so register now at MMOBomb and follow us on Facebook to find out exactly when the keys get posted! The wait is almost over so stay tuned!

In RaiderZ, players must hunt together or die alone as they pursue the most dangerous creatures in the land of Rendel. For more information about RaiderZ visit the official website at


  1. i got other beta keys for my friends i give one to my friend if you want to play the beta here the other one MHZ84-K5K-59EE hope i see you there

  2. Heck yeah. I got 4 beta keys. Now I can play the game that will change the mmorpg world forever. No other mmo will beat this one for at least 1 or 2 years.

  3. Ok just hoping for a key now see al above wants the same. LOL ,but if not I’ll wait for the open beta or another beta . Good Luck to all.

  4. Omg this game looks so freaking awesome….i srsly hope i get a key coz i cant wait for open beta to try it out XD!!!

  5. Why al the stress and asking for keys xD. i can’t find anything in the text, if u beg for a key u will get it :p, so just wait en relax we will see when the keys come lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Glad I had a key back for alpha…gives me access to all Alpha/beta tests…as well as some free things come launch =)

    BUT to those talking this game up a little too much. It WILL NOT change the mmo world, GW2 will do that, and it is NOT the top Action MMORPG, TERA is. But i will say for a F2P Action MMORPG it is a fairly nice game.

  7. and why u say this is not a pay to win like everything else out there?Can u convience me that this is really a skill game?

  8. I usually don’t like Perfect World games but this one looks like it might be pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might have to try it. Though it looks like by the time it comes out I’ll be deeply submerged in Guild Wars 2. On the plus side, if it ends up being a really good game I’m sure by the time I get bored with GW2 they’ll have all the bugs worked out and things running smoothly.

    • Yea i agree that the previous PWE games are really P2W but after playing BLR im hoping they follow that role and make it PURE F2P if they do then this will be an amazing game i dont think its gunna be a WoW killer or anything like that but it will be a nice change of pace and it will get alot of attention. So yea i’d agree with u its a nice game 2 play on the side when ur done with ur everyday game (in ur case GW2 :P) and just chop some monsters up lol

  9. i want a key so bad i’ve been waiting for this game since i seen it on the PWE page while i was still playing FW a long time ago

  10. This game looks so good i just hope it wont be a disappointment, then again most of the perfect world games are good.

  11. Wow alot of people turned out for this, well let’s hope everyone on this page manages to get a key and if not then who ever manages to get into the closed beta is lucky.

  12. Hope i get the key ๐Ÿ™‚ this game look’s very awesome played black light. alot so can’t wait to play this ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks in advance!

  13. this looks amazing. so far my pc hasnt let me down. i really want to try this just to see can my pc can run it. but other than that, i really want to play this lol

  14. WOOOW its finally out, can’t wait to play this game. Please give me key, i waited for this for so long, please let me play. thanks you.

  15. This game is the new generation of mmorpg I have seen some videos
    For this game I did not see like this game You can do in this game Amazing things

  16. I really want to play this game. I’ve been waiting for a while now. And how longer i wait, how more the game seems to get better and better.

  17. Looks good, hopefully this will bring back the memories of traditional mmo tactics.
    Mage heals the warrior, warrior makes and takes the most damage, while rogue backstabs or hinders the beast with poisoned arrows. Unlike tactics nowadays, oh wait there aren’t any tactics. D:
    Oh well cant wait ti try it out looks good

    • All that and one more thing to add, the player skill on controlling the character. This game really seems to be the future of the mmoarpgs. Just hope PWE do not kill the game and keep it updated.

      • Nope, you will win if you got skill. Game is based on skill and cooperation not on gear or sumthing you pay for winning, so…

        • You sir are an idiot if you think that.
          There’s a lot of games that are pay 2 win.

          You can buy items that you can buy that will raise your attributes or skills a lot higher than normal, therefore giving you a huge advantage.
          Where as other games have it to where you just simply buy costumed items, keys, and so forth.

          So if someone if paying for the game, they are most definitely going to have a higher advantage than you, which is horrible to do for cheap gamers that can’t afford games such as these, but still put in enough time to enjoy the game and show there appreciation as a fan.

          • Ok then, I agree that people who pay would get an advantage on the gear that player has on the character, but, in this case happens just like on the FPS, you can have the best weapon and the tougher armor, but if you do not know how to use it it makes no difference. For example, a mage who can afford buying things against a non afordable warrior. The warrior can overcome the better geared mage with character controlling skills. Of course that better gear gives sum advantage, but not like on other gear based games it may not get the game hugelly unbalanced. BTW thats my opinion and hope LoL . Hoping to cya all in game.

          • this game won’t become pay to win if you who are less informed look in the game forums instead of looking at ppl opinion it show exact truth its not a pay to win game played since alpha so yeah its not a pay to win game also alpha tested c9


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