Over the last weeks community leaders from all over Europe were invited by the video game publisher Frogster to join the alpha test for its new game, RaiderZ. It’s now time for the monster-hunting MMORPG game to look forward and to get ready for the launch of the beta. The official website www.raiderz-europe.com has been updated, allowing players to subscribe and secure access to the beta.

To celebrate this new milestone in RaiderZ’s life, Frogster has prepared their very first trailer for the game, introducing the background story of the game. Also a live streaming evening was organized to duly conclude this alpha test, when the community joined the Frogster team to bring the very first monster down,  defeating a mid-level boss who kept our valiant heroes busy for more than 45 minutes.

Players can now go to www.raiderz-europe.com and apply to be part of the closed beta phase, which is due to take place later this year. The first 10,000 players to register will secure access to the very first phases of the closed beta.


  1. So frogster will host both tera and raiderz? Why do I find that weird?

    Oh well. I already played RaiderZ and it really sucks. Healers can’t heal and tanks can’t tank. Weird game.

      • I already registered my e-mail there many weeks ago and when I follow your link its the same page and says e-mail already registered. Therefor it cant be true that you just got the news yesterday and the first 10k event started yesterday, since my e-mail adress is already registred for weeks :/ kinda confusing

        • Are you sure it was Frogster Euro beta test you signed up previously too?
          Or was it the PerfectWorld NA/International you signed up for?

  2. BARFFFF Stupid publishers saturating the market. No one caters to RPG content any more, they just cater to saturating the market.


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