One of the most exciting features about RaiderZ, the upcoming monster-hunting MMORPG, is the ability to defeat epic monsters by using their own limbs to defeat them.

Fight monsters up close and personal as they grab, smash and try to eat you alive. Also, rip monsters apart and use their weapons or ligaments against them in battle or for crafting. View the developer diary and learn some helpful strategies that will help you slay the beasts of RaiderZ!


  1. Cant get rid of feeling that those fights are not as action as it has been said. I mean like.. bosses are too slow and their atak speed is soo low that you can fight it even with one hand.. look at game like Vindictus.. boss hack and slash all the time, leaving you half of seconds to react.. while here he make 1 run and you can sleep until his next him… and the big sword is way too big(long)…

    But still this game has nice graphic and will try it when it get OBT 🙂

  2. Now i dont mean to bash on this game but does it not look a lot like Monster Hunter. The smashing of the horn, the dodging in order not 2 die and all these things or am i just seeing things?

  3. first…for the first time….but…what’s wrong…i don’t feel better….mmmmmm can someone give me a betakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey….i wanna play thiiiiiiiiiiiiis gameeeeeeeee…pleaseeeeeeeeee


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