In this third Dev Diary, Perfect World Entertainment highlight some unique activities and features that players will find in RaiderZ. Check it out and get a RaiderZ beta key here!


  1. The reason MMOs haven’t strayed too far from their traditions is likely because they cater to the market that consists of sucky gamers who’s success comes from their knowledge of a game (be it from trolling forums or simply scouring build guides) rather than their wit and reflexes.

    THAT is why, I think…

    PSO2 is going to be amazing when it hits us I’m sure…not these crappy Blade and Soul-style MMOs where the gameplay is simply a bit more active….just slapped onto the same damn concept we’ve played a million times over.

    So yeah, I’m really excited for Guild Wars 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2…

    ………Imagine a Monster Hunter MMO with an open world and possibility for danger (Rathalos swooping in your gang xD) always on your mind.

  2. Core farming… wow style quests where its totaly irrelevant what the quest is…. boring outdated gameplay… I dont know why are people still copying wow in every detail. This game has targeting system as wow… its just a little hidden and auto attacks are cone attacks.. not just single target. Graphics look great, character design is awesome ( by that I mean everything but the main characters that you control).
    There is no male characters that you can choose…. just female and female dressed as a dude. What anime ppl call male i see either totaly gay or crossdresser female

  3. I raea this coments an i cant believe that finaly there are game were is no automatic attack and i see comment “ooo there should be auto attack” if you want auto attack you can play in many many stupid games with this option kid. As for me i am tired with same game concepts all over again. Nothing new same shit all over again. Is it really so hard to make something fresh and new without copping same schematic . This game will end up like TERA. I played obout in 5 h and now i know never buy mmo game.

  4. Tried beta for like 15 minutes and liked it!, but uninstalled it anyways. Game is ok, perhaps even more than that, but too repetitive for me, so i just don’t want to spoil my fun after release or open Beta.
    As for video, pfff… so generic and common, it’s sad. Why so many publishers are afraid of player driven economy – don’t know. But in games, that have that it is fun to skip main content and do some bargain, research and etc. plus it encourages crafting, hunt for resources and competition overall. Yep guitars are fun, for hour or two; special food? Oh don’t be mad, ppl will see animation for cooking/boiling/crafting once, two times, three maybe and afterwards will end up skipping it.
    Raiders is ok game, as a f2p title it’s superb, well before item mall is introduced, but knowing PWI it shouldn’t be bad. But still, having new for most of mmorpg games combat system this games relies on common and boring features too much. Transformations, crafting – it’s just boring :/ now put the common materials in market house for fixed price, higher grade one make gettable from mobs, and very rare ones from bosses. Go deeper with crafting systems, professions, skills and etc; arrange open and free market – there will be point to grind and do same mobs over and over again!
    Well it’s a young game, maybe someday… 🙂

  5. If you dont like its grind, then brah you never played Aion , where you grind like MAD from lvl 0 too lvl 60. I managed too collect 200kk ingame cash to upgrade my pvp gear. I lost all beacuse ,Arena gear was programed to f** your mind. Beacuse some idiot at NCsoft had a idea that echt. st., mana. st. has to fail 30 times for 1 gear just too reach +15. Doing instances, is like going back, to your dead end job. They are long 3-4 hours, if you have noob team, than its 5-6 hours max. Patch 2.7 was HELL for me, i played class which was unfinished, nerfted and you need 30 ping too win a duel. It make assassin from A OP too a crappy support . OMFG at PVP you will get raped, so many times by old alts if you are new at aion. If you want AP ABG lvl 60 or lvl 55 wepon, get rdy too grind for a 1 year, if you suck at pvp then 2 years max. Its a gear based pvp and it doesnt give a f*** about your skillz. Drop rate, rolling and xp grinding is god awfull, you need to do like 300 runs for crappy pve gear and for a desent lvl up. Goldpack are a b****, They went from P2P to F2P, i said its bull s***. I If you dont have goldpack, you cant use LFG, Broker, Mail, There is NO AOE DMG and its buggy as hell. CRAFTING will force you to go insane like i did and many other players before me, and are still going insane, while doing Fenris qests for lvl 400 crafting. Aion logic is like #** YOU# to a player, When patch 3.0 came out in EU i give it a shot, when i figure it out, that nothing has changed for my sin, i just quit playing Aion etc… Gameforge, NCsoft I want my 7 months back.

    Ok Raiderz is way better than that m***** f****** Aion. I dont know why are you guys complaining so much, Raiderz is fast, colorfull, monster hunter clone, fun, nobrain action slasher game, where normal things you expect too work, WILL work. Its a mix of wow questing & crafting and Tera gameplay. Dont judge a book by its cover. If you try Raiderz, you will not regret.

    P.S. sorry for writing in slang and english is my second language

  6. Ok, Seth Samson. Sunshine. I will explain my point a wee better and i need you to focus this time around. It takes the effort of both people to get an idea across from one person to another. Ok sunshine?

    Single Player action role playing games are paced in a way that no open world MMO can be. You have gameplay that spans through exploration, combat, sneaking, puzzles and more importantly that content is designed to be spanned over about 50 hours. And since there is little or no net-code a very precise limb damage detecting in-ya-face combat can easily work.

    Hope you are still following.

    Open world massive multiplayer online games rely heavily on net-code, meaning every single bit of information has to go through the server and back. This means they can not implement sneaking in any form even remotely close to it’s singleplayer counterpart, hit detection is heavily limited to it’s basic form, virtually everything is simplified because it has to be. It is why there are so many open world fantasy games and so little open world first perso shooters, because of the limitations set to us by data transfer, not because people like fantasy more. You see, the situation is that internet traffic technology is not at par with our imagination or with our desires, for the time being.

    I know you are tired, hang on it, it’s almost over.

    Both Tera and RaiderZ really only use smoke and mirriors to distract you from how simple their combat really is, and this new “trend” of games that use similar combat, like Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2 is here now at this point in time and not sooner only because it couldn’t have come sooner. MMOs are still stuck with point and click combat because of technology, not because people are stupid.

    And even if that was the case, Seth sunshine, the point and click combat would not be the one to blame as you seam to suggest. The cause would probably be the same one that is making peoples worlds and their minds so small that they look down on others and believe that they are intelectually superrior because they like fast paced combat in a video game.

  7. Well if you wish to get technical Action MMO’s need to take after guild wars 2 instead of standard questing you would have say heart events and dynamic events, standard questing does not work for action because it is not action. For an Action MMO it should be where random quests pop out that you don’t have to accept it does it automatically and an event is started that you would get lost in and forget about time and feel that you must get this done to make a difference. That would be a better way to run an Action MMO remove the standard questing and add dynamic events. Tera online has a good example however when it comes to not always being a standard questing system. Theirs works where you can chain it. But RaiderZ has a standard MMO questing build which is not proper for a game such as itself. If they really want to do something amazing they need to start taking down examples from guild wars 2. When it comes to how to build questing.

  8. Man I can’t like this game… it’s so hard to.

    They’re like “Let’s do TERA combat within the WoW universe and make it smaller and with all the PW cash shop items everyone loves!”. Blegggh

    • you are quite wrong sr 🙂 , kind of tera is so far from this game , the gameplay idea its obiusly last year thing and i can go on , but , its lame that you think a ptp game is better than one of the most expected FTP games for this year :3

      • Actually Tera is better developed yes the reason being it is p2p but however their is one thing they did right with their questing system when you go into certain area’s or quest modes. Unlike RaiderZ, Tera online was smart enough to put in chain questing. This their for keeps the game still feeling somewhat like an action MMO because you do not know what to expect next. However in RaiderZ i could predict every Quest in the game from their on and what i would have to do. Tera also reduces the grind rate. But RaiderZ has a grind rate once you hit level 20 of horrific proportions.

        My point is if i had the money and a job. I would play Tera over RaiderZ any day.

        • I own Tera and I quit at cap level. The game has gotten really boring in the end. an even now, i got invited for a 7 day invite after I quit when they brought out new oatch just a few weeks back and I still found it boring a shell.

  9. The graphics are nice, the concept isn’t something new or revolutionary. Grind can be a pain and I do not know about you, but I prefer the old type from time to time, constantly avoiding creeps in an infinite grind game is frustrating.

    It’s ok if you play something like dragon age, or sky rim or whatever else. However if we talk long term mmo playstyle, your fingers get tired, you get tired and bored of constantly moving and pressing the action keys as well.

    At least they should introduce the option, letting me dodge but if I am bored, or I do not feel like constantly moving left or right to dodge and charge, I should have an “auto attack” option where the only thing I am required is to press the 1-9 keys every once in a while.

    Otherwise it’s a bit above average, nothing new or inventive under the Sun and since it’s made by Perfect World, something tells me that there will be some heavy pay to win elements in it as well.

    • Oh, good point. I haven’t really thought about that. The more action oriented combat doesn’t really belong in the typical quest & grind system because of the sheer number of encounters you actually get into.

      I played it up to level 12 and i agree with your review completely. It’s not a bad game, some love definitely went into it but it doesn’t really make a full step toward next gen, as it believes that it does.

      • yaaaa they should do auto attack but what for 1-9 … just point and click … let the GAME do the rest by it self u just sit on your …. and watch … pressing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 is so mind blowing ,educating and interesting … No wonder the generation of the times becomes dumber … press one for slash press two for fire ball … and dont forget to stand still casue u got 50% more hp then your NPC enemy …

        GO READ A BOOK

        • You must be 12 or something, you just described everything that is wrong with you in your post.

          A failed attempt at sarcasm : Check

          Trying to look cool,instead you make yourself look like a retard : Check

          Typing skills of a 5 year old with words like “u” instead of you, “it self” instead of itself : Double and triple Check

          I think the last words you wrote were the only ones that were correct and you really need to take them seriously.

          For real, you really need to read not a book, but many books, till you get to the level that is required to type words in the English language that actually make sense.

          • Trying to act mature : Check

            Trying to think that this is some professional talk : Check

            Being a retard : Check

            12 yr old acting like 18 yr old : Check

            Trying to look cool by trolling on others : Check

            A failed attempt at “showoff” : Double – Triple Check !

    • ” since it’s made by Perfect World, something tells me that there will be some heavy pay to win elements in it as well.”

      AND THIS GAME ISN’T MADE BY PWE …… only by MAIET Korean firm …

      PWE only bought the license for north america and FROGSTER bought license for EUROPE …

      • dude I agree that this game is no where near pay to win but publishers like PWE chose to make the game pay to win or free to play not the people who made it PWE controls the market place and the cash shop items not MAIET so yea if PWE wants to make it pay to win they can

    • My gripe with this kind of “action” MMO is the fact you still have the 1 through 0 buttons to press to actually use skills. It does strain you to use skills because you have to either let go of WASD to use them or change those hotkeys to keys closer to WASD and still you’ll find yourself usually moving to a particular side while using skills (usually you’ll be going left as you key them to the right of D. Some people just change movement keys alltogether to ESDF so they can use first row too).

      Vindictus I believe is at the moment, the only true action MMO as every skill is done with a mix of movement plus attack keys thus keeping you into something more similar to the single player genre. Shame it is dungeon based as an open world Vindictus would most likely blow away the competition (that and getting a global server. Come on Nexon, you know you’ll be puking money if you do).

      • That was actually what I hate about vindictus. I don’t think that the game is played with wasd, two mouse buttons and e and f, having every single ability in the game (all like 8 for each character) be an extension of your basic combo or in the beginning just e or f was really boring. Playing Fiona I found myself always using 3 clicks and spam smash or four clicks and hold and that was it, while with lann I always used 3 clicks and smash or four hundred clicks and two smashes. Playing an action game by only using a few buttons takes the immersiveness of the game away in my opinion. However on the opposite end, WoW had waaaay too many to the point that you were just lining every side of your screen with more moves.

  10. Well in truth this game is ok, it’s not the best, once you reach lvl 20 the grind is awful, it is hard to get the nice gear meaning the pvp gear.

    • I think it takes way to long to kill a regular mob monster that roams around. I mean hard bosses are fine but your everyday mobs are such a pain in the butt to fight.


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