Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation will arrive June 7, and the rewards begin today with a three week login event! Log in daily from May 9 to June 3 to win items like in-game experience boosters and weapons savers every single day. Play the whole time and automatically enter the pool to win a gaming mouse, 5,000 free gPotatoes, or the amazing iPad 3!

Rappelz has packed the calendar with login rewards that begin today, May 9! Every player who logs in will receive the following rewards:

May 9 to June 3: Double your experience every day you play with free Stamina Savers. Plus, receive a free permanent loot pet and earn a chance to win an item from the Grand Prize pool! See details below.
May 9 to May 15: Boost your pet’s experience by logging in to win 5 Animal Crackers
May 16 to May 22: Protect your weapons from breaking with five E-protects
May 23 to June 3: Win 5 more E-Protects and Animal Crackers by logging in all seven days

Complete all these requirements and be automatically entered into the Grand Prize pool.  Ten lucky third place winners will receive one gaming mouse, the latest in point-and-click technology.  Five second place winners will get their very own gPotato shopping spree with an award of 5,000 free gPotatoes, and one spectacularly lucky first place winner will receive the incredible, brand new iPad 3!

Rappelz will also increase the experience rate of all users by 50% for the entire duration of the event!  This will help players prepare for Reanimation’s biggest addition: a mysterious Master Class dungeon for high level parties.  Rappelz will also give away a free permanent loot pet, able to gather items from every beast you slay, to everyone who logs in at least twenty-two days between May 9 and June 3.

Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation comes to life on June 7, with more information and great prizes available now! Check out the official Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation preview for more details at http://rappelz.gpotato.com/reanimation.


  1. used to play this game way back before the first expansion….it was an ok game with lots to do, including getting past the lagging cities, as well as all the pay to win characters that would gank you as you left the city.
    Then ontop of that, you had all the hackers, gold farmers, and god damn lagging brazilian players gunking up the servers…
    I have tried other gpotato games and its all the same, they have no respect or concern for their paying customers, nor any of that for their online community. They sit and watch the game dwindle, release a new patch or expansion promising better security, and new content, and watch as the number rise for the next few months. Then they sit back play WoW, and watch out of the corner of their eye, as the complaints come in about bugs, and hackers and gold farmers(which I bet some of them actually are).

    I wouldnt even consider coming back to see what this update is all about, Rappelz, just another great game released by a third rate shitty company.

    • Hmmm, iam brazilian, its strange because most of us play Level Up games (if gPotato is third rate, this is a 20th rate companie), or Ragnarok, and gPotato have a Rappelz brazilian version here.And yeah we are very laggy, our internet companies are sh*tty, and internet is expensive here.I dont like gPotato too, the only game i liked was Aika and i only played a week then i got bored.


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