Five years ago, Rappelz had just entered beta in North America. Today, the classic MMORPG announces its ninth major expansion! Due out mid-November, Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension will introduce new monsters, new bosses, and an exciting new dungeon. On top of all that, players can enjoy immediate server buffs as the countdown to the game’s 5 Year Anniversary continues!

A portal has opened into Rappelz and Epic VII: Ascension will flood the world with tons of new monsters! This thrilling conclusion to the Epic VII storyline introduces the sinister Vulcanus and his harrowing dungeon of fire. Newly re-awakened, the ancient menace has summoned an army of fierce monsters to serve him in his lair. Now the warriors of Rappelz must conquer and contain him before he escapes to do any more harm to their world.

Players can enter the Vulcanus Dungeon through shrines located around the world and challenge the great Vulcanus at any time – and any level! The dungeon scales to match each player’s ability so even newcomers can get straight into the action. Only the strongest will make it to the very end, as waves of more and more difficult monsters wait in each new room. Cowards can take the easy way out and flee at any time, but the bravest will forge on to face Vulcanus himself. More details will be unveiled before Rappelz Epic VII: Ascension’s November release!

Preparation begins now with the ongoing Rappelz 5 Year Anniversary Celebration. From October 5 through 18, players can take advantage of a +55% HP and +55% MP buff to rip through mob after mob without stopping. With more events scheduled every two weeks and an expansion on the way, it’s a great time to get into the game. Visit the official Rappelz website and start playing!



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