Wizards of the Coast isn’t wasting any time in implementing new card sets into Magic: The Gathering Arena. Ravnica Allegiance pre-release tournaments take place this weekend, but if you can’t wait to go to your card shop to try out the new set, you can do so right now in Arena with today’s patch update.

The 273-card set isn’t all that’s being added with this patch. Several layers of duplicate protection have been applied, so that you won’t get duplicates of rares and mythic rares from booster packs that you already have four copies of. Rewards from limited events and individual rewards that exceed the four-card limit will be converted into Gems; the same applies if you open a pack and have all the rares/mythic rares from that set.

On the aesthetic front, playing guild-based cards from Ravnica Allegiance will introduce guild-themed music, and new VFX has been added for mythic rares and signature guild mechanics. Various other store and gameplay visuals have been tweaked as well. Read about all the changes in the patch notes on the MTG Arena website.


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