Hi-Rez Studio’s fantasy-ish battle royale offering Realm Royale launched to pretty big numbers on Steam with an all-time peak of 104,557 players. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold onto those players long. In fact, in just two months, its concurrent player count has dropped to around 5,000 players. That’s a loss of more than 90% of the players.

Just for reference here, Hi-Rez’s long time MOBA SMITE, capped out at 23k players on Steam, eventually settling to 8k to 10k on average. Their team shooter Paladins capped out at 60k, and has settled down to somewhere between 16k to 22k. (It should be noted that I have no idea how many players just use Hi-Rez’s launcher, but I suspect SMITE would have a higher count being only available that way for a while.)

According to an article on Githyp, which takes a deep look at Realm Royale’s numbers, the game likely suffered the drop in numbers due to very mixed reviews with players complaining about issues with in-game balancing as well as other things. It should also be noted that the game launched with incredibly inflated numbers thanks to popular streamers hyping it up. Chances are, a lot of Battle Royale players popped in just to see and then went back home to their own games. Either way. The fact stands. That’s one hell of a drop.

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  1. This boring battle royale genre dying for good! We need something unique then generic games with one map and same gameplay over and over!

  2. Please don’t tell me someone is surprised by it? People like new game even with old gameplay. As soon as bit different design and some game features stop entertaining them, players return back to the game with same gameplay they used to play earlier [in our case it’s most likely Fortnite, since PUBG is barely alive now.]

    Who’s left playing RR? Either building feature haters [which were <1% of all Fortnite playerbase] or INSANE fans of Hi-Rez studios.

    • How is PUBG “barely alive”? It’s still by far the most played game on steam with more than 1M players peak every day. The only one next to it is Dota with 600k lol

      • you call 1M players online?

        Back in 2006 people from 15–64 years took 65.9% of all population (male 2,234,860,865/female 2,187,838,153).

        12 years passed since then all under 15 grew up and now became PC users…those who played games back in 2006 continue playing despite getting older…
        it’s more than 4.4 billion potential players in the world at the moment [illness/casualty death included].

        So, 1 million is 0.0227% of that population.

        [In 2018 population in China is 1,415,045,928 it’s 14 times more than players in PUBG].

        Games like Tera,Dragon Nest,Vindictus and a like [with <1k players/day] are giving out a death rattle.

        Do you still need statistics comparison,kind sir?


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