Record of Lodoss War Online, the high-fantasy MMO based on the popular manga and anime by the same name, now has a global version thanks to Korean games platform Game & Game. The recent release on Game & Game coincides with a new Shaman character and new outfits.

Game & Game is also holding a few launch events, specifically a leveling reward event that will run through October 4 and an attendance reward event.

More information on the game and its new content is available on the Record of Lodoss War Online site.

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  1. Wait what? Wasn’t it global before? o_O The servers were in Korea (with 300ms ping for most players), but they were advertising it as “global” I think.

    • Another way to squish out money from this shithole of a game without support and not taking any input from players.

      They also released it with the same servers on 3 different publisher pages to get more people into it. Too bad that the big discord server is down due to no one playing it after 2 weeks of grind and it getting worse.

      It was actually fun, but meh.

      • Was it fun though? I’m not entirely sure. For me it didn’t capture the nostalgic feel, neither did it do the “oldschool RPG” part right. Not to mention the heavy grind (“kill 120 monsters” quests at lvl 20 x_x). I booted up Dreamcast’s “Record of Lodoss War” right after playing this game and had 10 times more fun.


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