When Redhill Games was formed, its stated goal was to develop “free-to-play tactical shooters and ongoing games-as-a-service titles.” At last night’s Game Awards, we got some details on Redhill’s first title, along with a shiny trailer (which had some of us hoping for the “bunnies with guns” game) and website.

The game is titled Nine To Five and it’s described as “a tactical first-person shooter where smart teamwork triumphs over brute force and reflexes.” Despite having two numbers in its title, it’s the number “three” that plays the most prominent role in gameplay, as three teams of three players each do battle over three rounds. The results of each round have an effect on how the next one will play out — one of the “creative new mechanics” Redhill CEO Matias Myllyrinne promised in a press release — and matches can be played in about 15 minutes or less.

The title itself is a reference to the players being mercenaries in the employ of various corporations — “just another job,” as the press release announcing the game puts it. You can sign up for the alpha test right now on the website; it’s scheduled to kick off sometime in 2020.

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