Reloaded Games, the publisher of APB: Reloaded and Fallen Earth — both of which were developed by other companies before falling under the Reloaded banner — has just added another game to its stable.

Meteor Entertainment has turned Hawken over to Reloaded Games, as confirmed on the @PlayHAWKEN Twitter:

Hawken was a game that looked and felt great, and that got a good share of buzz during its development, but which seemed to get caught up in the wash of similar titles, such as Mechwarrior Online and Titanfall, and never really burst out like some thought it would. Indeed, if this article is correct, then the Meteor crew might have bought into their own hype a bit too much:

Meteor overestimated how popular the game would become, they had even commented that they didn’t need to do any marketing for the game because gamers and the community would sell it to new players. How wrong they were.

So what do you think of the new direction for Hawken?


  1. “The community would do the marketing”

    For an -extremely- niche market of mech combat?

    I really don’t think there are a lot of people out there that are mech lovers, if it were a fantasy game I’d understand a bit more, but MECHS? I played it a little bit, it was alright, but mechs in general turn me off because fantasy is a much better setting, and will NEVER be overdone, because fantasy can go as far as your imagination can go, which is pretty much infinite, while mechs are a linear concept.

    • Mechs are awesome lol and if Ncsoft would release their new mech game that makes titanfall look like it was made by indie devs then mechs would be a HUGE hit…. and tbh im getting sick and tired of fantasy games because it IS OVERDONE.. 99/100 mmos launched are fantasy and most are all the same…

  2. Glad to see Hawken has been picked back up. Great game that I was sad to see let go. Going to re download now in the hopes that this goes well

    • They did not revive APB they brought it back but its unplayable if your not paying real cash cause there 0 balance and as small as the difference in weapons are its there and in straight mach means your going to die 9 times out of 10. So I expect that they greed will be the last nail in Hawkens coffin.

      • Unplayable when you dont pay money ? you sir just won the award for being just as dumb as anyother scrub that tried to play the game. You get one of the Best weapons in the game from the start. The player makes the guns Strong, nothing else. Glad you left the game. Less idiots to deal with than. and it’s not Reloaded being greedy here it is GamersFirst.

        • 1st of you have NEVER played APB:r your comment made this VERY CLEAR.

          2nd off RELOADED IS GAMERSFIRST.

          3rd off hackers and YES the pay to win weps ruined the game there are weps u can buy that basically 1 hit anyone… so stop trying to defend them fanboy… ohh and 20$+ for a car is insane as are you.


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