Remedy Files For New Control Trademark, Could This Be The Multiplayer Game Fans Have Been Waiting On?

Speculation abounds.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Remedy Files Trademark For FBC: Firebreak

Control and Alan Wake developer Remedy has recently filed for a new trademark that could indicate a setting for the upcoming multiplayer Control game fans have been waiting on.

FBC: Firebreak was recently trademarked by the developer, and the name gives a couple of clues to its setting. The FBC is the Federal Bureau of Control in the Control series, while Firebreak is a location inside The Oldest House from the original Control game.

What this means for the series isn't 100% clear, but if this new trademark pertains to the upcoming multiplayer game, it sounds like it will be set inside of The Oldest House.

It's also interesting to note that the trademark also encompasses clothing and multimedia assets, making wearable merchandise likely, and a watchable series or movie of some type possible.

As for what it means exactly, we'll just have to wait and see, but speculation is quite fun.

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Discussion (2)

reiando 1 month ago
"Fans" would know that Remedy NEVER did multiplayer games... Yes, I don't even consider Death Rally a game...

2001 - Max Payne (Single-Player)
2003 - Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (Single-Player)
2010 - Alan Wake (Single-Player)
2012 - Alan Wake's American Nightmare (Single-Player)
2016 - Quantum Break (Single-Player)
2019 - Control (Single-Player)
2021 - Alan Wake Remastered (Single-Player... obviously)
2022 - CrossfireX / Crossfire HD (Single-player part of the game)
2023 - Alan Wake II (Single-Player)
2026-2027 (my guess) - Control 2 (Will be Single-Player)

If so called "fans" want multiplayer/coop/whatever shit they've got 2 advices from me:
1) Go and play SCP with friends and leave Remedy alone
2) Go play Redfall to find out what kind of MP game comes from developers who previously did great story-based single-player games.

Flintstone 1 month ago
To me control was exciting for the moments, but, it did become out of control, it was a really nice touch and great game achievement for the dev team. to me though its not a repeat rinse thing. I think it was just good for them show these skills.leave it at.

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