Episode 17 is inbound for Daybreak Games’ free to play superhero game, DC Universe Online. As with some previous episodes, episode 17 will be split into two parts and will be released sometime in October. Episode 17 will be free to members while free to play players will have to shell out for the content.

Episode 17 picks up with the Trigon story line originally started back in episode 8 and the new PvE content “Unholy Matrimony” adds an 8 person operation where players will finally get to square off against this long time adversary.

Also picking up on story lines from previous episodes, in the new duo “Flash Museum” players must ensure an artifact does not fall into the wrong hands while exploring more of the story set forth from episode 15.

Check out the DCUO page after watching the preview above for more details.

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  1. This game is pay to win, I have been playing this for 2 years and I gave up after not being able to do anything late game compared to others who payed. The free to play account restrictions are a joke and the dlc prices makes me lose faith in humanity..

    No way I will play this again

  2. Best Superhero MMO hands down. But not a great F2P model imo. If you sub to this game you will get your money’s worth. If you don’t, you will be extremely limited. I subbed for many years, and the only thing keeping me from returning is having to resub. If I could jump back in, like a GW2 or Neverwinter, and not be limited I’d probably be playing it and spending money on the game.


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