We’ve heard quite a bit about the siege mechanics coming to The Repopulation over the last few months. At one point the system was in game (parts of it) but then were stripped out by Above and Beyond Technologies to allow more development time. In today’s update, the free to play sandbox game will re-introduce Sieges but will do so in a phased approach so that players can test each and every aspect of the system.

After today’s update completes, players will be able to begin construction on Siege Camps. Attackers will be able to initiate combat to try and destroy another player’s Siege Camp, but currently, players can only damage structures, they will not be able to destroy them. This means that attackers can never truly win a siege at the moment. After sufficient testing and balancing, this restriction will be lifted.

The Repopulation’s mission system, itemization, social features, and even pets and AI have also seen or will see improvements in this update and subsequent updates.

Head on over to the game’s official posting to check out the full patch notes.

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    • Well, probably you are right as this game have been changing between ahlpha and beta stages since 2005, that’s why it was shut down some years ago, they wanted to add so much content they had to script the whole game in order to get rid of the mass wave of bugs and glitches they encounter since the very beginning, once again, they scripted the whole game several times to be on top of the sci fi mmos, turns out it was in 2010. Now they will need to script the whole game, again, if the want to be at the pair of the new sci fi mmos like defiance, firefall, gw2 or black desert which i doubt, as seen here, they still want to add lots of new features which i believe is awesome. Personally i don’t think the game will be released any time soon, i just don’t see it, give them 5 years, if not, it´s going to stay as one of the longest forever alpha stage games never released which is sad.

  1. They’ll need to upgrade the graphics engine by the time they launch the game cause the kids nowadays wont play any game if it doesnt have the ps4 graphics or the game will shut down quickly


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