UPDATED: Echo of Soul's Chinese Server to Close in November

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:


UPDATE: Aeria Games has come out on the forums and advised that Echo of Soul in the West isn't going anywhere and development for new content continues. This comes as Aeria received assurances from developer Nvius that all existing servers in all regions will continue to see development. The full post also pins the Chinese server shutdown squarely on bots taking over and players leaving as a result of those bots.

A few days ago it was announced that the Korean server for the free to play MMORPG Echo of Soul would wind down service on October 22nd. Hangame cited the game being "unable to provide satisfactory content for the players" as their reason for shutting the game down but I'm sure that Hangame's desire to move to mobile gaming probably played into the decision as well.

Aeria Games jumped to release a statement to make sure players knew that the Western version of the game was fine and would not be closing down.

Today, though, ChangYou has announced (translation courtesy of MMOCulture) that Echo of Soul will close down in China as well. No reason has been given but the game's last update in China was in July. Echo of Soul China will shutdown on November 17th.

So far there has been no word from Aeria Games on what this may mean, if anything, for the Western version of the MMORPG.

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STEP BACK 8 years ago
Well the game is like... most of the old mmo's out there like fiesta online (played the shit out of that one in the early days) it just that there wasn't any challenging atmosphere and the designs have good styles but rather dull at the same time combat system is like.... lets say world of warcraft. competative but also repetative which gives the problem for the game. now pvp is like cabal conquer mode which is nice and something new to the old mmo stylish kind of games but it's...well as i said too dull. now i was thinking changing the combat system cause it would have fun as hell if it wasn't stand and hit kind of game i was thinking if it was like....dragon nest. now the game is well good but wasn't good enough to reach the expectation to the majority of the player populance which leads to the downfall of games.

Bic Boi 8 years ago
Remind me again why this is something to be assured by..when, if the chinese version died due to bots..what exactly is stopping this from occuring in the NA version?

Food for thought.

hello 8 years ago
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Razer 8 years ago
You know a game is bad when it fails to pass the inch-high hurdle of Chinese standards.

james 8 years ago
Aeria Games jumped to release a statement to make sure players knew that the Western version of the game was fine and would not be closing down.

Yeah we will keep the game running with no bug fixes or new content.

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EchoOfSoulsHater 8 years ago
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Nice! Waiting for more games to be shut down.

Xazur 8 years ago
This is why I am hesitant to try any new games that don't wow me from the start especially those from foreign developers leasing their games to publishers and such. Too many games have shut down, and I don't want to spend money on my games that will just shutdown down the line. Makes me want to stick with AAA titles that you just buy to play and can replay them forever.

Malice 8 years ago
Game is a pos imo, people's expectations in 2015 is not to waste their life playing something that looks and plays like a mobile game on a pc.

derp 8 years ago
Title says Chinese, article says Korean might wanna fix that

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