Astute Fortnite fans may be aware that recently a popular Fortnite YouTuber, Faze Jarvis, was banned from the game by Epic for using cheat software — specifically an aimbot. The ban, as it turns out is a permanent one and some people feel that might be a bit much.

As one would expect, Epic’s response has drawn the attention of other content creators who have weighed in on the topic. Not surprisingly, one of those is popular Fortnite streamer Ninja, who during a stream expressed his opinion that the punishment may have been too harsh. Part of his argument is that Faze Jarvis is young and did something stupid, but that he feels the punishment is too harsh for a few additional reasons. Some of those reasons, like it being a first offense, seem reasonable enough. However, some of the argument stems from the fact that the person being punished is a content creator.

According to the conversation on the stream, Ninja feels there should be some consideration for content creators because being banned from the game they create most of their content from affects how they make money. As you can hear in the video below, part of the difference, according to Ninja, is that when a regular player is banned it really has no impact on them since they can just create a new account and continue playing. The same can’t be said for content creators.

Ninja also went on to argue that there’s already an existing standard for creators being allowed to get away with things that the average person may not — such as Logan Paul’s Japan forest incident.

Obviously, the whole thing is drawing scrutiny from… well… a lot of people. Those interested can watch the video in full below.

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  1. So basically if my life’s work is a driver (for example), I, as a driver should be exempted from all driving fines and bans. Is that it? Get real kiddos, welcome to life! 🙂

  2. The punishment is deserved, and content creators should receive an even more severe punishment since they don’t even hide that they are cheating but are doing it in front of others which may cause more people to cheat.

  3. One rule for everyone and enforced. Content creators are not ‘special’. They should be held to higher standards than everyone else as they are representing the community.

  4. If you chose a career in making gaming content over the internet as your main income, you got to follow the rules probably and if you screw up, you get proper punishment regardless of who you are. And part of your punishment should be not being able to start over or something and having to actually go outside in the world and getting a REAL JOB.

  5. So, the tldr of his arguement is: popular youtubers should be except from the rules because they lose money. Yeah, no. That’s not how things work.

  6. These devs are becoming through their untold wealth, dictators and rulers who are way over powered.
    POWER HUNGRY GAME Devs need to rollback there power frenzies.
    We are talking about GAMES and when we play them we do stupid things,
    WAKE UP devs and stop being (BECOMING/are) BULLIES AND POWER FREAKS.

  7. This is how cheaters in online games should be punished:
    under 18 years person – lifetime ban ofc and 360 degree slap (2x times)
    above 18 years person – smashing face on keyboard to nearly death


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