Aeria Games announced that closed beta registration has begun for Repulse, a free to play 3D sci-fi massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (previously titled Genesis A.D.).

Set in a dystopian future where the citizens of Earth have polluted the planet beyond repair, Repulse unfolds an epic sci-fi inspired tale where humans must journey to a new world to continue their existence. Unfortunately, the current inhabitants of mankind’s new home planet harbor a different idea… Deploy high-tech weaponry and powerful battle maneuvers in highly-tactical, twitch-based combat to perform a hostile takeover and save the future of mankind.

Repulse features:

  • Change Class During Battle – Switch freely between the Sniper, Engineer and Assault class as you wait to re-spawn in battle.
  • Thrilling Game Modes – Engage in 16-player death matches, destroy your opponents’ bases in demolition missions, stave off player-controlled alien hordes, or test your mettle in fast-paced capture the flag (CTF) missions.
  • Twitch-Based Combat – Tactical strategy and a fast reaction time are key to your victory, soldier. Calibrate your combat maneuvers with high-tech weaponry and powerful gear.
  • Tons of Gear – Experiment with numerous types of weapons, armor, and ultramodern equipment. Special equipment grants you unique abilities.

Repulse will be free to download and play. Interested players can learn more and sign up to participate in the upcoming closed beta test at:


  1. Lol i Hate People that Compares All Sci Fi Games Whit Halo ! -.-‘

    Tribes Ascend was Created before Halo So if You Have To Compare Sci Fi Game Whit any game At All So Do it Whit Tribes Ascend.

    Its like any RPG Game All Compare That Whit WoW When WoW Copyied Everquest its the Same Thing dont Compare Whit WoW do it Whit Everquest !

  2. i hope Repulse WONT be like genesis AD: only cash if you would enjoy the game!
    A lots a player quit from genesis AD only for the cash.

  3. Enjoy it with a mass of hacks. Happened with other FPS titles under Aeria too sadly. Their protection isn’t really up-to-date.


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