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Title: Repulse
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: Sci-Fi
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3.2 GB
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: QUEEN’s Soft

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (43 votes, 4.28 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Fantastic Graphics
Original Setting
Cool Gameplay Dynamics

Repulse (previously titled Genesis A.D.) is a free sci-fi MMOFPS game that puts the player in the realm of elite super-soldiers. Blending the tactical gameplay of Alliance of Valiant Arms with the fast paced dynamics of Quake Live, Repulse is a game unlike any other. Battle in the virtual world and train for the most important mission in all history of mankind. Brandish unique and dynamic abilities that improve the gameplay of today’s first-person combat shooters, such as wall jumping, dodge jumping, booster jumping and cloaking.

Relish in the amazing visuals and solid gameplay that this free game offers. Choose from the 3 available classes and experience the diverse game modes.

Repulse system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 4 GB Free
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz or AMD 3400+
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or equivalent
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  1. Hi. Is this game compatible with Compaq’s windows seven? does it need dual-dual core’s and stuff? pls reply. thank you.

    • dont cheat, it’ll make you look like an idiot, there ARE hacks but dont use them or when i find you i will report you

  2. to be honest the matches arent balanced at all its more of a pay to win game especially with those hero characters which cant basically do a thing cause they can kill in 2 seconds which in my book sucks majorly x.x

    • then u suck, i get 20+ kills per game and i dont need better weapons, it all depends on skill though you are majorly at a disadvantage if the other guy uses ap for his weapons

    • Read overview first line
      “Repulse (previously titled Genesis A.D.) is a free sci-fi MMOFPS game that puts the player in the realm of elite super-soldiers.”

    • 99% of the time On Line Video games do not work on MAC, and 100% of the time, the games on these websites will not work with your mac. Buy a PC

  3. can anyone help me? everytime i load the game up Ngameguard always makes me restart computer but it still doesnt work?!?
    help 🙁 i really want to play

  4. +has great graphics
    +has good weapons
    + has good maps
    +Fun gameplay
    – when u leave a game enough u rank down
    – easy to lsoe money trying to buy gear and weapons
    -no Permanant weapons

  5. +plenty or armor and weapons
    +lots of maps and modes
    +lots of updates
    +extremely fast gameplay
    -takes time to get used to all the jumping and chaos going on at once
    -can only buy weapons for a limited time
    -very high learning curve(you will buy a lot if you don’t know what your doing
    -if you have people on your team that suck your most likely going to lose


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