Revelation Online Celebrates Its Second Anniversary With Activities And Free Goodies


Revelation Online is turning two, or at least its global release is… the Chinese version is going on four.

In honor of the big event, is hosting a few in- and out-of-game events, starting with the obligatory Login events and anniversary sale. There will also be a “Host a Party” contest and a CMs Meet and Greet.

The login event is already underway and will come to an end on March 8. This isn’t just your regular “hey, log in and we’ll give you stuff” event, though. You’ll have to actually earn those items by doing stuff in game and accumulating points to spend on those goodies. Details on each of the reward items and the requirements to obtain them is available on the Revelation Online site.

As for the “Host a Party” contest players will need to plan an in-game party, documenting those plans either in screenshots, text chat, video… you get the idea. Then send your party planning entry to the #Anniversary_Party_Contest channel on the RO Discord server. Rewards will be given to the top 3 party planners. Full rules on how to participate in this event can be found on the RO site as well.

And, of course, players will recieve a special anniversary gift. This year’s package includes an Astral Whale Accessory and two kinds of fireworks.

In other news, if you haven’t checked out the trailer and details on Revelation Online’s next big update, Heaven and Earth — which plays a lot with the Eastern Zodiac — you might want to. The trailer is available below, and you can find all the nitty gritty details on the Revelation Online blog.



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