Revelation Online

Soar over a vast and colorful world in Revelation Online, NetEase and's far-reaching free-to-play MMO inspired by Asian designs. You'll spend much of your time in the air, whether utilizing your character's wings or flying mounts, exploring the vast and open world of Nuanor and experiencing a wide range of content options.

Revelation Online has something to offer nearly every MMO player. With six classes and three distinct control styles, you'll be able to choose exactly how you want to play. In addition to the vast and quest-filled open world, there are dungeons to explore, raids to conquer, and legendary bosses to defeat. Or you can try your hand at PvP, in the open world or arenas, or in massive castle sieges that will test the limits of your and your allies' resolve!

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Revelation Online

Release Date
March 06, 2017
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP






Intel Pentium dual-core 2.4 GHZ


Geforce 9500GT / GT610 or Intel HD4000

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Specifications may change during development

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An Mautone 4 years ago
Awesome! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.

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ZatoiCh 5 years ago
In CN server, you have to pay 500k Yuan (equivalent to $80k) in a character if you want to beat others in the battleground. The special good looking wings, outfits etc cost about $800 each averagely. If you want to play it as a f2w game, the quickest way to cultivate a charater is going to find a part time job and pay the money you earned to this game. It may cost you 1 hour to earn 10 dollers in McDonald's, but it will cost you at least 10 hours (maybe 100 hours) to get the items valued 10 dollers in this game.

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Junyan Cheng 5 years ago
In CN server, you have to pay 500k Yuan (equivalent to $80k) in a character if you want to beat others in the battleground. The special good looking wings, outfits etc cost about $800 each averagely. If you want to play it as a f2w game, the quickest way to cultivate a charater is going to find a part time job and pay the money you earned to this game. It may cost you 1 hour to earn 10 dollers in McDonald's, but it will cost you at least 10 hours (maybe 100 hours) to get the items valued 10 dollers in this game.

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Wao 5 years ago
Horrible Game.

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Uhhhh 5 years ago
I played this during closed beta, it seemed fun, bought a $90 founders pack and all, but here are MY opinions:

Customization (amazing)
Spa for when you want to gain exp while afk
(Sorry been awhile) there's a daily exp thing you can do that gives you exp without going to the spa (gives a ton of exp) and con
Marriage benefits
No level grind (from what I see) **(I didn't even do anything to get to 59 but spa)
Very large map to explore

*Mounts are TOO BIG (glitch and take up whole screen big)
*mounts and wings deteriorate (without premium)
*Styles cost ALOT money mostly
*Groups are a REQUIREMENT to progress
*Get kicked for not having good gear in low tier raids/dungeons
*field bosses do/give nothing
*field bosses one shot even 79 players
*player base is dying out (50% less now then 6 months after launch)
*currency exchange is ridiculous
*its extremely expensive to gather feathers to make new wings/materials for new mounts
*guilds die very quickly
*can't level off field mobs at all
*marriage benefits help more than not being married
*quests get very very very very boring
*to keep a 7 day item permanently you need 2 renews to make it 100% which doesnt exist in the game except for one event from awhile ago
*boring and repetitive gameplay
*will most likely get kicked from groups for not having gold gear maxed with out tiers

Dont let this turn you away, these are my opinions, it's still new and growing..(I hope).
Everyone prefers different things in games.

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KUT 5 years ago
Link does not work !!!!!

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GOD 5 years ago
1) bad support. Clueless and detached from gameplay. After i point out a bug to them they tell me thats not supposed to happen (heck thats why its called a bug) and the ticket closes.

2) Super pay to win. Yes you can play without paying but you can never win. You can grind 5 months for 12 hours a day and achieve half the items the p2w people get and by that time they already progressed even further and you'll eternally play the game trying to catch up. By p2w i mean the people literally throw hundreds if not thousands in the game.

3) Boring and repetitive. Once you hit the end game lvl its just the same exp dailies you repeat once a day then go on to in game currency quests and rinse and repeat. If you wanna do pvp you'll just be steamrolled by the p2w people and get one shot. You'll then quit pvp for 1-2 months getting better marks and grinding gear then go in to get 2 shot.

4) Bad scaling. Marks are increasing at an increasing rate by the bonus they give. For a mark 6-7 you need items which you have to pay to get if not buy them of people who paid. to add on to this point, Marks 6 and above were not supposed to be released till a certain patch (comparing NA to other regions) but to suck money from the players released it with a previous patch and tilted the entire game in favor of those who pay.

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Sarcs 5 years ago
Worst publisher possible.
Game had a LOT of potencial but fell into the wrong hands.
A lot of unkept promises, content that creates more bugs without fixing previous ones.
Removal of game features present in other version to promote the usage of real money.
Complete inactivity of staff in game.
Very poor customer support.

My account was hacked (as several others over time), had spent over 1k € on it.
Account not returned and hacker is still on it for over 10 days while support closes tickets as duplicated without any actual action.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, touch anything by this publisher if you value your time and money.

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Yokie 5 years ago
I have never use a single cent on this game, since it is f2p.. no point on using money unless you're supporting it and really want to play for long term. Long term as in years after..
K my review!!
Firstly! Gearing take ages!! 40's orange set gears will probably take you a month to make.. Running Limit amount dungeon and buying your daily Limit amount of item from npc... Same goes for 50s set.. But this time it'll take you 2 months.. 60... 3months?? Idk about 60s cos once 59 cap released I quit playing.. Game got super slow...
Plus it's hella pay to advance if you want to play it like that... I'm not that kind of person, like I said earlier, don't like using money on games unless it's really worth it.
Guild vs guild, it was hella fun if! you're up to gears and cap. If not.. gg you're dead most of the time you see another player
Battleground, Like I said earlier... Geared.... Nothing is balanced in this game.. if you're not geared.. you're dead most of the time..
Outside pvp?? I've seem low lvl trying to attack people afk running around/auto path... lol When I autopath.. someone did attack me and I killed them >.> lol But overall... outside pvp is just plain lame cos you'll barely find anyone. Idk if they'll drop items or anything tho since there's barely anyone who pvp in the open.
DAILY- This is super Boring!! Login... do the same quest... limit dungeon... buy your limit items... Gear up... Than do pointless nothing less and logout. since there's nothing to do and you'll have to wait till an event show up... after event... nothing to do again... lol
OVERALL- This game for me... isn't long lasting
But Good luck to new players and remember to NOT rush lvl >.> lol

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Nozerone 6 years ago
The game itself is actually quite good when it comes to movement, and fighting mechanics. The dodging mechanic is easy to use, and actually quite fun. So is the jumping, and flying is a LOT of fun as well.

The problem with this game is the quests. Personally I hate doing lots of quests, I'm not the type that does questing for the story. I do it for the xp, and to level as quickly as I can so I can enjoy endgame content sooner. I could only make it to lvl 17 before I was thinking "I'm done, I can't do these quests anymore".

In those 17 lvls, I did over 110 quests. I played for less than an hour. In those 17 lvls, I was averaging 2 quests a minute. I had done 5 quests that took place around 1 table within a 1-2 min span. There is a chain of quests where you have to go up a path, kill something. 6 quests on your way up. These quests didn't want you to do anything special. They were all "Go talk to this person" or "We need to go here, catch up to me and talk to me again". In some places you pick up a quest, only to turn to the NPC on your right to turn it in so you can pick up the next one. After that you turn around and move 15 feet to turn it in for the next. Most of the quests I did were "Go talk to this person" or "We need to go here, catch up to me and talk to me again".

99% of those 17 lvls involved me going from NPC to NPC. I killed like 25-30 things maybe during that time. All the quests make it feel as though they would be a distraction from a poor quality game. In reality, it's the quests that made it into a poor quality game for me personally.

If you enjoy doing quests, and feeling as though you're apart of a story in the game. This game may be great for you.
If you are the type of person who doesn't care about quests/story, and just want to lvl as quickly as you can. You should probably avoid this game.

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Ratman 6 years ago
Turd-burger of a Rice-ball ... NO Support. My.cum is as bad as ,or worse than, Aeria games.
It's gotten even worse since CBT2 and gets cr@ppier every "update".
Client is trash and game isn't even remotely optimized, the fps rate is horrible

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Kevin Flemming 6 years ago
I wanted to like this, having played for a decent amount of hours (enough to get a really good feel for the game) but since I had a little break, I've yet to gather the enthusiasm to return. While the character creation system is adequate, the world looks quite beautiful and intriguing, the controls on the other hand ruin it. So clunky and awkward, especially the "TERA" style system. It's an utter chore to use and since playing a couple of action-based MMORPGs, personally I find it VERY hard to go back to tab-targeting (also a chore to use).

Also, not a huge fan of the open-PvP world. You just know that it will be filled with griefers, as is typical with ANY (and all) PvP games.

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TitusPoulo 6 years ago
Another shitty rizeball from asian... this shit make my anus to dilate.

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Artemis 6 years ago
More mmo garbage!

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ZhaoYun 6 years ago
as a player who quit this game 2 days ago i will list the things that got my attention in this game(if they are bad or good is entirely up for you to decide)

-Fast leveling
-Mycom bugs that existed since cbt and have not yet been fixed(from simple ones like being able to click on a character name if he whispers u so u can immediatly whisper him back to bugged quests and different others)
-Low security in the game(heard lots of players that have been hacked mainly after each MT mycom did to their game(they do 1 each week) and i was almost one of them also mycom seems to ignroe the issue and doesnt help the players being hackedi n any way shape or form from what i've seen)
-Pay To Win(the game is not necceserly pay to win but if u wanna compete in way shape or form against othersi n pvp u have to pay atl east like 30 euros give or take which is plain sad)
-Too many Thing To Do(game has literally something for u to do literally EVERY DAY including your daily quests daily dungeons weekly dungeons events and more which also gets very repetitive and boring eventually but meh)
-Not such a nice community(from what i've seen in my server at least(Eventide) the community
is meh some good people mostly though trash talkin and assholes)

Thats all i can think of in top of my is good if a pve player in my opinion and u can "dodge" pvp by doing only a little of it but u still have to do it so if u a huge pver go for it u gonna have fun if u a pvp player unless u intend to spend 100+ usd/euros on it dont bother playing.
That is all thanks for reading

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DeadAchu 6 years ago
This game would have a chance if they actually FIXED the bugs. Instead they focus on Whale Bait and added content when the basic game is so flawed. Bugs during the CBT(s) were either NOT fixed, or even worse (audio dialog during cut scene vanished at OBT.). seems to be wanting to make the cart more attractive while having a lame horse to pull it, the client crashed at least 17 times in 2 hours.
AVOID this "game", better off shelling $9 (US) for BDO than this lame duck...

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Stan Lee 6 years ago
I've played this game and was hyped for it, but it was a major let down. I felt like it tried too hard to tell a story with shallow characters and after reading I just decided to keep clicking. I don't care for any of the characters and leveling isn't satisfying. You'll look at your level and say, when did that happen?

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andy 6 years ago
listen up! dont buy this game unless you have ALOT of time and a toleration for fraudulent in-game currency because buying the in-game currency was bad. i got scammed..

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DRGoodfellow 6 years ago
Great game until you spot half of the actually game isn't even there yet - The items or events show in the maps, quest list and pop ups but you can't actually do them - Many functions in the game bug out eventually meaning you cannot do most of them again. makes sure the only thing that doesn't break is the cash shop anything they don't care about EG - many many bugs not being fixed any time soon. They have simply made sure there's plenty of false content to make people believe they are getting more than they have and sadly people are pretty bad nowadays to fall for this stuff. The game will die very fast around the end of the year once other new games being published by less greedy companies begin.

A great game with potential to be a long lasting one already ruined by a company out to make the usual profit
Do not recommend this game to anyone unless its to cover while waiting for another release

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Comment 6 years ago
I say try this game for one day or three day then decide if you want to put effort in this game.
I must warn you this game is base on (Power booster) in the item mall that give them a big power boost to give off more damage. (Power to win)

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someone 6 years ago
game is great but is less great for casual players that cannot do all daylies

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Capone 6 years ago
I would play this game im level 65 and my god i just log in evryday for like a hour of two to do my daylies and log out pointless in doing other stuff really.

Super P2W :i mean you can buy anything with reall money basicly.
Bots : alot of high level (top 10) players are botting or buying/selling ingame cash.
Bad support : waiting for 30 days on a ticket still no response.
Lag : unplayable when your fighting pvp in a large scale. evryone is teleporting evrywhere.
Game limits : you can only do like 5 things a day to get exp (boring af)
Bugs : like any new game there would be bugs but this game is still 50% in chinese

i can go on but like no do not play this game or treat it like a mobile game where you log in now and then because your bored and wanna be even more bored.

i would wait on Moonlight Blade.

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the grumpy 6 years ago
PAY 2 WIN game!!!

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Anonymous 6 years ago
Looks great but likely not gonna play it.

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Eloenor 6 years ago
Game right now is poorly translated and quite a few bugs, but that is because it's still in open beta I believe.

They released it early for us and this is the sacrificed result, and understandable.
I'll give it some time and keep playing over the next few weeks to see how it improves

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Shiroe 6 years ago
Aion feels much more polished compared to this. Sad to see how this is so popular and has many players while another game which is ran/supported better ( russian company for revelation is very bad) lacks the numbers they deserve.

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Shiroe 6 years ago
Aion feels more polished.

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Shiroe 6 years ago
Aion feels much more polished compared to this.

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CalicoCat 6 years ago
Terribly generic game.

The least fun i have had levelling in a long time. Its like a facebook clicker. You just press space and F then kill 3-5 week mobs every 2000 clicks. Once you hit 40 all the fun stuff is locked behind timers, Forcing you to twiddle your thumbs and ask yourself why in the heck am i even playing this waiting game. The pvp aint so hot. Guild wars are alright. The bots and multi boxers are very common to see. It is just a bad game run by a bad company. I put my.dom right up there with Nexon and Trion.

The gold spam is horrendous which is nothing new from games. Pretty sure they allow it and even encourage gold sellers, What is baffling is why anyone would even spend money on a game like this ? Terrible old clanky feeling combat. outdated grafix and worse execution. Not much is even explained as you level. Your just forced to gather the info yourself on what the 400 different items do in your knapsack. Tons of stuff past 40 that is not even translated from Chinese.

This game will not survive. It is another example of a Asian company not having any type of clue what north american gamers enjoy. I give the average player 2 weeks before they realize how much of a waste of time it is,

I rate it around 3 out of 10 .

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Rion 6 years ago
I recently played this game during two of their CBTs. During the first CBT the game had virtually no localization and was honestly quite worrying. Stopped playing after ten or fifteen minutes. However, when CBT3 came around I grew interested once more. I can safely say this game is amazing.

PROS (Things I liked.)

1 - Leveling is very fast. Up until you hit level 40 or so that is. Honestly the first 30 levels feel like a tutorial that helps ease you into the game and even the most difficult classes are fun to play. (I rocked Sword Mage and can safely say it's still fun despite being a bit tough when it comes to doing proper Rotations).

2 - It's not really Pay to Win, if anything it's Play to Win. Why do I say this? When the game released their Item Mall I found you can exchange IN GAME CURRENCY for Item Mall Currency. If you can't spend $20 or $30 just play the game a bit and exchange your Player Trade Currency for the Item Mall Currency. Great system.

3 - Flight is wonderful and it's not even that hard to get. At first you are kinda stuck running and jumping around but at level 30 you get your wings and the open world truly feels open. You can't die from Fall Damage but it definitely brings you close to death if you fall too far. Which is good.

4 - The graphics and world design are beautiful in my opinion. I love it a great deal and look forward to World Expansions and the like.

5 - Community is very good. Don't let anyone say otherwise. Really this game has nice people who are kind and supportive in it.

CONS (Problems I had)

1 - It plays similar to most other MMORPGs that are out. So if you are looking for something brand new, this probably isn't it.

2 - Only the Hardcore can really benefit. Though this is true for most games. Don't expect to win any GvG battles unless you have a Guild full of super-hardcore players. xD

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Exin 6 years ago
The game is great!

From level 30 the game gradually opens, prior to that it's basically a quest chain/tutorial you will just have to get through if you don't like it. At the end we have game full of content::
- PVE (dungeons - 5 people, raids - 10-20 people, open world, fractions, events like GW2;)
- PVP (siege, 10v10, 20v20, 30v30, 3v3 ranked, deathmatch, open world and many others);
- daily PVE and PVP events;
- extensive and meaningful crafting system;
- extensive character development, skills and items (point distribution, weapon and armor enchanting, prefixes, cultivation of character and skills);
- trading (merchant system - like Archeage, BDO, player shops - like Lineage 2, and of course auction house etc.);
- out extremely extensive system gildyjny (guild quests, guild bossy, PVP gildyjne , craft, buff);
- excellent movement (wings, flying mounts that can get from 1 to 50 people; ground mounts are mainly for instances);
- mentoring system;
- very good graphics - ok, you can not compare with Black Desert, but plus of a little worse graphics is game performance during mass PVP - in addition there's a battlewear system that limits the details on characters during PVP, so the game will go run pretty well and look good even on very weak computers.

Generally, we have everything you could ever hope to have in MMORPG. The game has to be developed at least 10 years, is planned to update the engine.

Regarding P2W - you can use money 3 ways in Revelation:
1) You can buy skins, wings and mounts (although you can get couple of each through normal gameplay, f.e. as a reward in some challenges)
2) You can buy items that are needed for enhancing your equipment and skills - this is kinda controversial, since if you invest heavy, you will be 2-3 months ahead of someone who hasn't spend anything. Everything in the cash shop is obtainable through normal gameplay, but it will take time to catch up someone who invested thousands of dollars/euro. However, if you invest heavy, you will hit the cap in terms of enhancing gear (majority of stuff is transferable between the same items, so for example if you have level 37 weapon, you can transfer your enchants to level 49 weapon, or if you craft level 59 weapon using your level 49 weapon, you can add extra materials (not much) to keep the enchants and other upgrades). Now once you hit the cap, everyone else start to catch up. Also, there's no single item in the cash shop that allows you to obtain gear faster or get whole pieces of gear through the cash shop.
3) Convenience items - bag expansions, zip skill refresher (you can TP to certain NPCs using this skill) and what you asked about item for extended flight time, BUT it's not particularly for extended flight time, as this is unlimited, but it increase 'Levity' regeneration - a resource for dashing. This item is called Windrider Feathers, cost 3 Aurums and lasts 15 minutes. 3 Aurums is exactly 0,03-0,04 EUR depending which Aurum pack you buy. Keep in mind, that you can buy Aurums using in-game money (Gythils).

The game is great and in my opinion cash shop will only influence PVP at the very top level. You can enjoy everything without spending a cent. And once you farm some money in game, you can exchange it for premium currency and buy the stuff you need yourself!

A lot of people, which speaks about the game did play the game long enough to even have a clue about what it really is. I would recommend everyone to try it and test it yourself on OBT! :)

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Harald 6 years ago
Bad managing company (
Look at other games the manage... full of corruption, botusing und unfair administration (for example warofdragons). They wll cashcow the hell out of the players and then let the game left for dying.

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Jokerdoker 6 years ago
You wont fight a lot, you pretty much walk from A to B and do nothing else then talk to people go into single player missions and defeat 5 mobs and 1 boss and again you are doin nothing else than talking with NPC. I played this game til lvl 28 and i fought like 15 mobs. Its really annoying to do nothing else than talking and walking from A to B. Sadly i was really hyped and wanted to play it so badly. I gotta say it is sadly not that kind of MMORP you expected

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Syzix 6 years ago
It's pay to win, the community are full of weirdos, the localization was terrible, the community is very VERY toxic towards those who don't share the same views as them.

Stay away, the graphics are 8-10 years old, the gameplay is clunky, they've taken the best aspects from MMOs and ruined them.


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MMO Gamer 6 years ago
It best to enjoy this game for 1 or 2 month before it come something else.

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Patty 6 years ago
It better not another fake hype up game. It getting insane to see fall that trap to many times now.

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Kevin Flemming 6 years ago
Open-world PvP = bunch of OP dickheads preying on weaker players.

No thanks.

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Visper 7 years ago
I am so looking forward to this game! I really hope it's free to play because I don't have a job,not do I have any money...I am very hyped for this game! Revelation Online FTW!!

I'm going to choose the Occultist class when the game comes out! ! <3

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