The first round of Closed Beta testing for’s Revelation Online went live today on North American and European servers. Players who have been granted access can download the game via the official site and hop in. Just remember to select the server closest to you using the Game Center.

As with all Beta tests, there are some issues. Some of these has already identified, such as localization issues with Chinese and Russian text appearing in some areas. Also of note are stability issues with the game client shutting down occasionally and FPS being a bit off.

Finally — as one would expect — there are pretty hefty login queues. However, this problem is compounded by the fact that the text on the queue notification isn’t sized properly for the dialog box making it rather difficult for players to determine exactly where they are in the queue.


As you can see in the example above, the queue for the individual who posted it in the forums could be 370, 376, 3700, and so on. Our own Mike Byrne even reported cases where players thought they were 90th in queue when it suddenly dropped to 878.

Hopefully, this will be ironed out soon so that players at least have an accurate gauge of how much time they have to kill while waiting to get in.

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  1. There is no way this game is in beta state. Only 20% of the in-game text is translated into English, with the vast majority of it in Chinese and Russian. There are also a ton of game breaking bugs which prevent progress, which makes bug testing impossible. It’s obvious rushed out an alpha state game in order to meet their published dateline for CB release. There is no way this game is going to be anywhere near a playable state for Open Beta in December.

      • It’s quite common these days to sell half-assed unfinished product as if it was a perfectly bug-less, optimized, and finished game.

        Because stupid people with too much money and too little brains keep paying for that, that’s why.
        Why sell you perfectly finished, bug-less, and optimized game when you will pay for half-assed unfinished trash anyway?


      • You pretty much said it Merkadis. most products are usually half assed or unfinished nowadays. Facebook is probably betting on those people with too much money and little brains to use their web store they just recently built which is laughable it doesn’t even support games that steam would normally support and supports mainly mobile and browser games from what I read.

  2. Wait for the OBT trust me, i played the chinese version and it hurts my eyes, made me dizzy in 15mins then uninstalled it asap, hopefully they fix the graphics issue, game looks like Ps2 graphics with the addition of DAZZLING colors lol, if you want play the Chinese one for now and get a feel for it.

    • few key giveaways. fewer than usual with other titles and then they sell founder packs (basically for them to sell the founder packs). we know the recipe by heart already.

  3. Great, login queues.
    Which probably means we’ll get a special vip program on release that will allow us to bypass queue.
    For the right price of course.


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