A newly minted infographic for Revelation Online’s first closed beta test, which ends today, show that people really dug the new MMO from Over 61.5 million quests and 2.2 million dungeons runs were completed, with 1.8 million player deaths occurring in both PvE and PvP combat. RO may not have taxes, but death is still certain.

What’s also certain is that people still don’t like playing tanks. The vanguard was the least-played class, at just 13% of players, while the pistol-packing gunslinger was #1, with 19%. There were also slightly more female than male characters, which probably had as much to do with the character models as it did with the real-life genders of the players.

You can check out the full infographic and other assorted details on the Revelation Online site.


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  1. every little mmo that comes out brings so many people conplaining , maybe you jsut dont like the way mmo,s work whit ya p2w shit ,you guys just want everything to be totaly free , if its totaly free thay cant ever make the game great just stop crying every singel day and get of ur pc go do something els ya little crying fcks

    • You suck too, a lot. I bet you sucked off a lot this morning also. Oh and your grammar sucks, and your life, your face, your whole existance. Oh shiii. Am I going too far here? Nah, you’re just sh!t.

    • 1. Combat system
      It’s not action combat, but soft-target combat. Depending on your lag, when fighting multiple enemies you might have to wait sometimes 0.5 seconds for autofocus to change your target. I have played vanguard and found it pretty mobile. I was expecting it to be like the lancer from tera, but it was more like the warrior from tera. Felt more mobile than the blade master from bns.

      2. Moving from point A to point B
      The game has the most fun way to move from one point to another for close or medium distances. It is like bns but enhanced. People say it is a combination between bns and aion, but I have never played aion, so I cannot say for sure. It just feels awesome. Oh, and you get wings pretty early in the game. F. mounts, you have wings. No more pesky mobs on your way to your objective.

      3. Quest system
      The quest system is linear, you have just to talk to various npcs with minor fights once in a while which are no challenge. If you like the story in games, you might like this one. Unfortunately in this closed beta it was in chinese, so it felt just boring because i didn’t understand it. There are 2 quest lines: the main quest line and the class quest line. The class one teaches you various aspects of the class and at some point I had to really understand what I was supposed to do in order to be able to progress.
      Later on there are dailies, weeklies and infinitely repeatable (and infinitely boring) quests.

      4. Instances
      Unlike bns, this one has the trinity system with healer, tank and dps. There were only a few instances available, but the combat was interesting, you had to pay attention to mechanics to dodge or i-frame.

      5. The promise
      Bns forces you into pvp grind (that’s why I left, I like to tank pve content). Revelation promises enough pve content to keep you entertained. They promise to be like wow. At least this is what their PR suggests.

      6. Bonus: afk fishing. Finally a game where you can fish while afk legally, without any bot programs or clickers or so. Just a game feature.

  2. Sequence of events:

    1. Got Hyped for the game.
    2. Bought Founders Pack.
    3. Waited while getting more hyped for the game.
    4. Dealt with CB1 launch day Issues.
    5. Played for a few hours on the much more stable 3rd day of CBT 1.
    6. Realised the game was a generic mess with subpar action combat.
    7. Realised I no longer had any desire to continue to test this Alpha client.
    8. Stopped playing.
    9. Regretted founding the game.
    10. Quietly hopeful that it will get better but not expecting much.

      • Nah, you’ll be fine. Sure this game will be generic, but what isn’t? The most overhyped and succesful multiplayer game of 2016 was also the most generic one. Games don’t have to be revolutionary to be good and/or enjoyable.

        So yeah, you should be fine. As long as you don’t do anything stupid like get super hyped or buy a founder’s pack.

    • For me it was teh ability to log in and decide what I want to do: I can either dungeon run, Dailies, explore, and or Follow a cut scene filled PvE quest line. You will notice there are no “kill X rats” to put you from one map to another, you are constantly tied to the story, or off doing your own thing on your own terms. THAT I liked.
      Toss in a crafting system that was not working in CBT, and other features we have yet to see = Great game.
      My let down was the larger world did not feel large when you can auto path or teleport eveyrwhere. But, again, if you explore there are rewards. Like landing on the statues breasts by flying up unlocks an achievement, but you have to be curious enough to go fly up. I just hope there are motivations to go out. One idea I suggest are RANDOMLY SPAWNED MAP PvP contested areas that give rewards. That will make us go forth and explore and hide in nature, and send out armies etc.. etc. Im just hoping it’s potential is exploited

    • you should never founder a game its just a money scam many people fall for over and over , you are better off waiting .
      lesson learned ? =)


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