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Gear Awakening is an important feature for Revelation Online players who want to make the most of their equipment and become strong enough to participate in higher level PvP and dungeons. In fact, it's so important that most pieces of equipment can be awoken -- with the exception of Wings, Mounts, Badges, and Talismans.

Awakening occurs in four stages (or tiers). Each tier provides a piece of equipment with different enhancements -- some enchancements do stack. Unlocking all four tiers on a piece of equipment provides players with a 20% stat bonus across all stats.

First Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) [Total: 6%]
Second Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) [Total; 12%]
Third Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) [Total: 16%]
Fourth Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) [Total: 20%]

Leveling through equipment tiers will require players to earn experience from mob kills within Scour Dungeons. For every monster killed, a small portion of experience earned will be converted to equipment awakening. It should be noted however that equipment must be at 100% before awakening can occur. In addition to experience, players will need a specific amount of Hematites to awaken their equipment.

To unlock the fourth and final tier, players will need to go to the Equipment Activator NPC. They will also need to bring with them a certain number of "Tier Beads" based upon the equipment level.

Level 40-49: 34 Tier Beads per item (408 in total for all)
Level 50-59: 100 Tier Beads per item (1200 in total for all)
Level 60-69: 400 Tier Beads per item (4800 in total for all)
Level 70-79: 650 Tier Beads per item (7800 in total for all)

Beads are purchasable from a variety of sources.

That's the general basics of Equipment Awakening. Those interested in reading the post in full can do so on's Revelation Online site.

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