From now until April 16, Revelation Online players can upgrade their equipment, wings, and mounts via the game’s Treasure Hunt event. All during the event, players will earn items for completing a variety of activities that can then be exchanged for event coins. These coins can then be exchanged for rewards.

There are seven different items that can be exchanged for a varying amount of coins. Once a player has at least 35 coins, they can trade them in for more useful items. The items that can be exchanged for coins are:

  • Each Red Ticket used gives 1 coin.
  • Each opened Precious Mount Box gives 2 coins.
  • Each Red Phlogiston used in refinement gives 3 coins.
  • Each Azure Ticket used gives 3 coins.
  • Each opened Spirit Feather Box gives 4 coins.
  • Each Azure Phlogiston used in refinement gives 9 coins.
  • Each Large Sacred Object Treasure Map, Enchanted Treasure Map, or Spiritual Object Treasure Map used gives 28 coins. You can use old and new maps.

As for the coin-to-reward exchange rate, it’s as follows:

  • 35 Coins: White Jade x25
  • 70 Coins: Exquisite Synergy Horn x6
  • 200 Coins: Azure Ticket x10
  • 350 Coins: Advanced Skill Key Chest x1
  • 550 Coins: Refined Dragon Water x1 & Diluted Royal Ink x1

At this point, there are only three days left to earn rewards so those wanting to take advantage of the event will need to hop in soon. Anyone who wants to know more about the event can find a handy FAQ on the Revelation Online site.

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