Been longing for the days of true sandbox MMORPGs complete with an open, persistent world? Then you may want to keep your eye on IllFonic’s upcoming dark MMORPG, Revival.

Revival is a labor of love though and is still pretty far from a full release. Instead of seeking funding from Kickstarter or some other crowd funding source, Revival will release in stages starting with housing and ending in the full game’s launch sometime in 2017 according to the current timeline. During each stage, players can purchase in game items and this additional funding will speed up the development timeline IllFonic has set for themselves.

Revival focuses on a dark drama setting, Lovecraftian lore, and a return to player driven experiences. Combat casts aside the traditional MMO hotbar mentality and instead trades it for more of a first person melee combat feel. Position matters, aim matters, and instead of worrying about what button comes next in a rotation, players will instead rely on reaction times and experience with the weapons they choose to wield.

Revival will be free to play on almost all servers. Each global region will have at least 1 “Gold” server that requires a subscription. Details on what the differences are have not been released, but IllFonic says that, “While early stages of development require purchasing something to get access to our content, Revival is built to be fun for players, whether they spend money or not.”

We do know that the “Gold” servers will have “Live Storytelling 24/7, with a crew of game masters and storytellers working around the clock to add new content to the server that responds directly to player actions and to orchestrate large unique events for subscribers to participate in.” Think of it as the free-to-play version being the sandbox version and the “Gold” version being more akin to a live Dungeon Master type story playstyle and events system.

Sound interesting? Check out the newly launched official site.

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  1. Gherghesus on January 7, 2015

    Nasus ?

    • Treadhead on January 7, 2015

      Confirming Riot invented dog heads.

    • IHaveEyesDoYou? on January 19, 2016

      Well, I guess I cannot pick on you, because you are blind. What you call your Nasus, is actually a RAT (Triple line underlining for the word RAT).

  2. Ham&Cheese on January 6, 2015

    Full release isn’t until 2017. Have fun with that founder’s package buyers.

  3. hovsep56 on January 6, 2015

    i have a bad feeling about that…. “gold” server

    • edmonddantes on January 7, 2015

      This game is not made by PERFECT WORLD so it is not good game PERFECT WORLD make the best games always (this is my opinion) PERFECT WORLD an BLIZARD should learn from PERFECT WORLD how to make good game this is also a crap game

      • Merkadis on January 7, 2015

        LOL. How much did pw pay you again?
        PS: Game sounds good but 2017 sounds quite bad, in 2016 we’re gettin’ black desert and who knows what else and i’m pretty sure large piece of gamers will be stuck there for quite a few years.

    • asd on January 8, 2015

      If only they really manage to do this right, I really think the gold server thing will be awesome.